Here we list a selection of key cases on dismissal, providing a summary of the decision and implications for employers.

Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP v Bailey | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 28 Jun 2016

Adeshina v St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 1 May 2015

JJ Food Service v Zulhayir | Court of Appeal | 16 Oct 2014

Fuller v United Healthcare Services | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 14 Sep 2014

Portnykh v Nomura International plc | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 5 Nov 2013

Lipinski v Ebbs Fleet Autospray Centre Ltd | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 6 June 2013

McCafferty v Royal Mail Group Ltd | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 12 June 2012

Bailey v R and R Plant Hire (Peterborough) Ltd | Court of Appeal | 2 Apr 2012

CF Capital plc v Willoughby | Court of Appeal | 12 Oct 2011

Gosden v Lifelong Project Ltd | Employment Tribunal | 28 Jul 2010

Gisada Cyf v Barrett | Supreme Court | 13 Oct 2010

Celebi v Scholarest Compass Group UK and Ireland | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 27 Jul 2010

​Please note: While every care has been taken in compiling these notes, CIPD cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. These notes are not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice.

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