This guide, produced in collaboration with law firm Lewis Silkin, focuses on self-employed contractors. Although the term ‘self-employed’ is not defined in legislation, it is generally accepted to apply to those individuals who run and manage their own business and who would, for example, have control over how, when and who carries out the work. They would also negotiate a price for the work to be carried out. Businesses and individuals should be aware that a self-employed individual may be categorised as self-employed for tax purposes but be considered an ‘employee’ (or more likely a ‘worker’) under employment law and therefore entitled to certain statutory rights and protections.

This guide is designed to help employers ensure that they understand the relationship that they have with their self-employed contractors and highlights any legal issues that they may come across.

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Employment status

Understand how being defined in UK law as an employee, a worker or self-employed affects employment rights and employers’ legal responsibilities

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