Workplace guidance

This resource pack, created using content from HR-inform, has been put together to offer CIPD members practical support when it comes to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Inside the pack you’ll find:

  • FAQs: top 5 questions relating to harassment with answers from the team of experts who provide the employment law helpline. CIPD members can obtain free 24-hour advice by calling the legal helpline.

  • Workplace scenario: this model scenario outlines an incident of sexual harassment, a description of how one HR professional chose to deal with it, followed by advice on how best to deal with a similar situation.

  • Policy design tips: this section provides guidance on how to design and develop a bullying and harassment policy to help contribute to a culture that avoids instances of sexual harassment.

Support from HR-inform

Further information on bullying and harassment can be found in the employment law resources available online on the HR-inform website. Resources available to subscribers include ‘How to’ guides detailing best practice for organisations, including our guide on dealing with bullying and harassment, and downloadable and customisable documents relating to harassment, such as:

  • organisational policies – outlining internal rules on harassment and bullying, responsibilities relating to preventing inappropriate behaviour and a detailed complaints procedure policy.

  • template letters – including those to acknowledge a discrimination or harassment complaint, to confirm the outcome of such a complaint, and to proactively remind all employees of the organisation’s rules on harassment.

  • templates and forms – providing a list of behaviours that may constitute harassment to be included within internal documents and a form to record evidence of harassment training.