Here we list a selection of key cases, reported since 2010, on race discrimination in the workplace, providing a summary of the decision and implications for employers.

Home Office (UK Border Agency) v Essop and Naeem v Secretary of State for Justice | Supreme Court | 5 April 2017

Taiwo v Olaigbe and another; Onu v Akwiwu and another | Supreme Court | 22 Jun 2016

CHEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD v Komisia za zashtita ot diskriminatsia | European Court of Justice | 16 Jul 2015

Tirkey v Chandok and another | Employment Appeal Tribunal | 19 Dec 2015

Hounga v Allen and another | Supreme Court | 30 Jul 2014

Taiwo v Olaigbe and another | Court of Appeal | 13 Mar 2014

Onu v Akwiwu | Court of Appeal | 13 Mar 2014

London Borough of Hackney v Sivanandan and others | Court of Appeal | 29 Jan 2013

Okoro and another v Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd and others | Cout of Appeal | 4 Dec 2012

Hewage v Grampian Health Board | Supreme Court | 26 Jun 2012

Please note: While every care has been taken in compiling these notes, CIPD cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. These notes are not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice.

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