The UK labour market has been affected dramatically by immigration during the past ten years, with migrant workers responsible for almost all of the growth in employment over that period.

Drawing on a survey of 1,000 employers and 16 in-depth interviews with employers across different regions, sizes and sectors, this report explores the trends and the factors that influence employers in recruiting migrant workers. It sheds light on issues such as skills shortages, the availability of UK-born workers, and more intangible factors such as ‘work ethic’. It aims to get to grips with the challenges employers are facing in filling vacancies and the role that migrant workers are playing in the workforce.

The report concludes with recommendations for employers and policy-makers.

Appendices by law firm Lewis Silkin provide a guide to the UK’s immigration system and a legal opinion on the use of English in the workplace, dismissing a migrant employee, discrimination laws relating to recruitment of non-EEA national migrants, and communication and signage.

Download the Policy report below.

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