All organisations have, consciously or otherwise, an employer brand. It's the way in which organisations differentiate themselves in the labour market, enabling them to recruit, retain and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. It should connect with an organisation’s values and must run consistently through its approach to people management.

This factsheet looks at why employer brand is important, how technology and social media are affecting employer brand, and its particular importance in mergers and acquisitions. It outlines the benefits of having a strong brand and the stages of developing one. Finally, it discusses the organisation’s value proposition and the idea of segmenting that proposition for different employee groups.

CIPD viewpoint

What is employer branding?

Why employer branding is important for HR

Employer branding and mergers and acquisitions

How organisations can benefit from developing an employer brand

How to develop an employer brand

The value proposition and employee segmentation

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