Work experience is an important way for young people to gain insight into the working world. Time spent with an employer can broaden young people’s knowledge of industries and sectors, helps inform and shape their career decisions, and offers a way in which to explore the workplace in a risk-free environment.

Our Learning to Work programme works closely with employers to highlight the value of work experience placements to not only the young people who benefit from the contact with the workplace, but for employers and the wider workforce. Offering work experience opportunities to young people enables employers to access a wider range of talents, benefit from the unique skills and insights young people bring, and provide opportunities for existing staff to supervise and mentor a young person, helping to develop their management and other professional and personal skills.

This booklet includes practical advice for employers on the benefits of work experience. It also highlights good recruitment and selection practices and information on supporting and providing feedback to a young person during their placement. It draws on a range case studies and insight from employers, and shares top tips from employers on how to set-up and run a high-quality and successful work experience programme.

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