Many working people are living with at least one long-term health condition. The support and understanding they receive from work and from their manager will help them to manage their symptoms and function effectively in their role.

Managing and supporting an employee who has a long-term health condition requires compassion, flexibility and sensitivity. This guide is designed to help you, as a line manager, support and manage employees with a long-term health condition. As a line manager, you can help employees access the work adjustments and support that they need to manage their health and work safely and effectively.

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Managers play a vital role in determining the health, wellbeing and engagement of their team. Research (funded by the CIPD and led by Affinity Health at Work) identified five key behavioural areas for line managers to support the health, wellbeing and engagement of those who work for them:

  • Being open, fair and consistent 
  • Handling conflict and people management issues
  • Providing knowledge, clarity and guidance 
  • Building and sustaining relationships
  • Supporting development
Based on these key behavioural areas the CIPD has created a range of support materials to help you adopt a management approach that supports good health, wellbeing and engagement in your team by helping you explore and develop your management capability. Designed for anyone who manages people, the guidance and exercises are quick and easy to use. They can help you save time and get better results by managing people well – all of which is good for your own wellbeing as well as that of your team.

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