While workplace inclusivity is fundamental to good, fair work and positive employee outcomes, many organisations have been slow to make headway in this area.

This CIPD research report explores LGBT+ experiences of work, from conflict and wellbeing to job outcomes, and finds that LGBT+ employees are more likely to experience workplace conflict and harassment than their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts. Forty percent of LGB+ workers and 55% of trans workers have experienced such conflict, compared with 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees. In addition, a higher proportion of LGB+ workers (16%) feel psychologically unsafe in the workplace compared with heterosexual workers (10%), while for trans workers, this figure is even higher at 18%.

This suggests that organisations’ handling of conflict and harassment must improve, and employers must develop a greater understanding of the specific experiences – and needs – of LGBT+ employees, particularly when it comes to building awareness and taking action on trans policies and practices. People professionals are uniquely equipped to ensure LGBT+ inclusive policies and practices are in place, along with a supportive inclusive culture in which these issues are handled with sensitivity.

The report draws on findings from multiple sources, including pooled data from the CIPD’s Good Work Index, surveys on trans allyship and trans working lives. It sets out the barriers and drivers to sustaining inclusive workplaces, and gives tips for people professionals to strengthen trans-supportive organisational practices and policies.

Download our report to find out more about LGBT+ experiences in the workplace, and the actions to take to remove barriers to inclusion.

Download the report and executive summary

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