Organisations with 250 or more employees must report annually on their gender pay gap.* If this applies to you, you’ll need to publish your figures as a report by 30 March (public sector) or 4 April (private or voluntary sector) on your own website and a government site.

Our resources and guidance explain what the gender pay gap is, why it needs to be tackled, how to calculate and communicate your organisation’s pay gap, and what you can do to close it. For information on the equal pay regulations and how these apply in the workplace, visit our Equal pay topic page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): enforcement of the gender pay gap reporting regulations for this year has been put back until 5 October 2021, in response to the continued effects of the pandemic, but organisations are still encouraged to report on time if they possibly can. Read our supplementary guidance on how to report during the pandemic.

* These provisions are not yet in force in Northern Ireland.



CIPD viewpoint

CIPD Viewpoints

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CIPD Gender Pay Gap Report

As of April 2017 organisations with 250 staff are required by law to publish their gender pay gap information, covering pay and bonuses. The CIPD has published its 2020 report which includes a review of progress towards our long-term commitment to closing the gap.

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