Organisations with 250 or more employees must report on their gender pay gap figures annually.*

It is important for people professionals to put the figures into context for customers, employees and other stakeholders, and set out the action they plan to take to address the gap. Any gender pay gap is likely to reflect a combination of internal and external factors that need to be examined.

Our comprehensive guide explains what the gender pay gap is, what causes it, why it needs to be tackled and why reporting has been introduced.

We provide an overview of the gender pay gap regulations, which organisations they apply to, and what happens if you don’t report your figures. 

Discover how to calculate your gender pay gap and effectively communicate it to your employees and the wider world. Explore actions to take to close your gender pay gap.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): the Government has announced a suspension of enforcement measures on gender pay gap reporting for 2019/20 in view of the unprecedented pressures businesses are currently experiencing.

* These provisions are not yet in force in Northern Ireland 

Download the guide and other resources:

In this video, Sheila Wild, founder of the Equal Pay Portal, outlines the gender pay gap reporting regulations. She explores why they’re important for business as well as some of the challenges organisations may face in reporting on the gender pay gap measures.

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Sheila Wild

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