People analytics is the practice of gathering and using data about your workforce to enable evidence-based decision making for the benefit of your organisation and its people. By taking a systematic and critical approach to examining people data, people professionals can contribute to an organisation’s success by creating insights on what can and should be done to drive strategic change.

The CIPD has conducted case study research with a number of organisations to understand how they are using people analytics to deal with a variety of business challenges. Their experiences and insight can help you in your own context to embrace people analytics and adopt good, data-supported actions to improve organisational practice and performance.

Insights from organisations

Barnwood Trust: Ensuring fair pay and encouraging staff to take time off

Novartis: Evolving a new approach to performance management

VIVID: Leading with data to improve workforce wellbeing

University of Warwick: Using people data to tackle pay gaps and drive inclusive change

Financial Times: Understanding engagement to improve productivity

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