People data and analytics* can help those working in HR and people management to solve business problems and make decisions. However, many people professionals lack both the confidence and analytical skills to make the most of their workforce data.

This guide is designed to help all people professionals, at any level, learn the basics and improve their confidence and capability in this emerging area of HR practice. It also provides some useful tips on how to build an effective people strategy that is driven by data.

The guide covers a number of core areas which are important when building sustainable and effective practices. These are:

  • Getting started: This guide will help practitioners learn the basic steps and build confidence when using data.

  • Using systems effectively: There are many systems that are currently available to support and deliver HR practices. This guide will help to demonstrate how to make the most of these different systems.

  • Becoming more evidence-based: People analytics is a fundamental part of evidence-based practice. This guide introduces the basics of people data and evidence.

  • Building trust and engagement with data: Lastly, the guide will cover the important concepts related to sharing insights and building support for people data. This includes communicating and sharing insights.

* This guide focuses on the use of people analytics and how managers and people practitioners can start applying them to make evidence-based decisions. It is important to note that 'people data' in many instances will contain personal information that is protected by law. Practitioners should ensure that any processing of personal data is done in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in their jurisdiction. For more information, refer to the CIPD's topic page on data protection. If in doubt, contact the Employment Law Helpline for CIPD members or consult your legal adviser.

Download the guide below:

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