Skilled managers impact more than just the organisation itself; they are critical to organisational success and even national economic well-being. For this reason, management development is at the forefront of the agenda in enhancing the skills, competencies and knowledge of UK managers. The factsheet therefore starts off by asking what management development is, the challenges of developing managers, the relationship between management and leadership, and the link between management development and business strategy.

The factsheet highlights the techniques used to identify management development needs, such as management competences, performance management and development reviews, development centres, and HR management development needs. The factsheet looks at formal learning interventions, such as the MBA, as well as work-based methods, like coaching, mentoring, shadowing and secondments and briefly touches upon ways to evaluate management development programmes.

CIPD viewpoint

What is management development?

Identifying management development needs

Management development techniques

Evaluation of management development programmes


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