This collection of essays was compiled and edited by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann, Libby Sartain and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute.

More than ever, leaders of nearly every kind of organisation view their human resources teams as essential to institutional well-being, long-term growth and sustainability. Successful business leaders will be those who accelerate the integration of HR expertise more directly into strategic and organisational decisions.

With this in mind, the editorial team recognised a need to crowdsource the wisdom of HR thought leaders on the pressing question: “What do HR professionals need to know or do to be effective in today’s and tomorrow’s business world?”

The essays address a variety of topics including:

  • HR professionals’ changing roles from advisors and administrators to business leaders
  • how the digital workplace is changing organisational talent and culture
  • the growing demand for organisations to manage talent across many different international borders, cultures and legal systems
  • measuring success in talent development with new tools and metrics
  • managing growing ethnic, racial and gender diversity in the workplace
  • understanding and responding to the changing expectations and desires of new generations of workers.

Peter Cheese, our Chief Executive, contributed an essay on ‘The future of HR: a context of change and opportunity’:

“In a world of increasing change and complexity, we have a lot to think about as we develop the future for HR. But we also have a great opportunity to position HR at the heart of business, rising to our role in building organizations that are more agile and adaptive, more diverse, more responsible and sustainable, and that drive greater value.”

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