Young people facing disadvantage have experienced particular unemployment challenges through the pandemic and it is crucial that employers create jobs and workplaces where they can develop and build long-term careers.

This evidence review is published in partnership with Youth Futures Foundation. It builds on the previous review on recruiting disadvantaged young people, to give evidence-based answers to these questions: 

  • What drives disadvantaged young people to leave or stay in their jobs?
  • What can employers do to retain disadvantaged young people?
  • What can employers do to build inclusive work environments for disadvantaged young people?

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Key recommendations

  • Assess the key factors that drive employee turnover – such as their ability to cope with demands, job benefits, opportunities to progress and social interactions –  and make improvements where needed. 
  • To improve retention of young employees from ethnic minorities, use surveys and discussions to understand their social interactions.
  • Use structured processes in assessments for promotion and development opportunities in order to minimise bias.
  • Build managers’ awareness of their role in fostering inclusion in their teams and develop behaviours and leadership styles that are associated with inclusive climates.
  • Provide diversity training to foster genuine change in the organisation, rather than it being merely a compliance exercise.

Download the practice summary and recommendations for more information. Also see the scientific summary, produced by Youth Futures Foundation and the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), for further methodology and technical information on the research.

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