The world of work is changing. We have seen in the last few years a rapid growth of technological platforms that are fundamentally altering the way people do their work. But these changes raise many questions not least about how we define a term that has only entered our vocabulary in the last few years.

Do new ways of working mean less secure or more exploitative employment? Or will they lead to new forms of flexible working that give individuals greater choice about how, where and when they work? What effect does this have on the traditional definitions of work, and the rights that come alongside them? Can you create good jobs in the gig economy? And, most importantly, how can businesses, employees and policy-makers respond to these changes? At the CIPD, we want to be at the forefront of understand these changes so that we can help to deliver better work and working lives, and in this section you’ll find our latest research, insights and reports into the gig economy and the changing world of work.


CIPD Voice articles

The growing gig economy

Ben Willmott discusses recent CIPD research that gives the first robust estimate of the number of people working in this growing area of the economy

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