What are the best parts about your job? What things about it would you change? This is your opportunity to share your story to help improve job quality for everyone.

We want to hear about the highs and lows of your working life, to help us paint a picture of job quality among the different roles and occupations in the UK. While the CIPD already has a good deal of information about job quality or ‘good work’, your personal experience of work will bring a human voice to the data. It will shed more light on how employers and others can make work better.  

If you're selected to take part, our researchers will ask you to complete a more detailed questionnaire and interview you by phone or video-conferencing for up to 90 minutes. Any information you share with us will be anonymised before publication and we will follow strict data protection procedures. 

If selected, we'll also offer you £55 as a ‘thank you’ for your time.

Register your interest by providing your details here.

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