Welcome to our Branch website. The Branch Membership continues to grow and there are around 2,200 members living or working within Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

We hope you are able to find the information you need. If not, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

We are able to offer our members a programme of CPD sessions aimed at promoting business networking with personal and professional development. These include useful case studies, good practice theory and skills development in areas of interest, as well as supporting those wishing to improve their Continuing Professional Development or upgrade their membership. Support for those studying CIPD qualifications is maintained through our close links with local education centres and through our annual Student Awards.

All of our events are organised through two geographical groups (Bedfordshire Group and Milton Keynes Group) together with our special interest groups Learning Matters and our Mentoring scheme. As members together with your guests, you are welcome to attend any of our advertised events. Please become a Mentor or Mentee to assist your career development.

The Branch has a LinkedIn group which has over 140 members. We would like to invite all our Branch CIPD members to join in to make the discussions meaningful and lively. We hope you will provide ideas for networks or CPD sessions which would assist you in your roles. Our Branch Policy Adviser has engaged members through her Policy e-mails which make a huge difference to the way we work.

These services could not be organised and maintained without the support of local members who have volunteered to serve on the Branch and Group committees. We actively encourage new volunteers to work with us on any aspect of CIPD life. Offers of support are always very welcome. As well as being fun, participation on the committee offers career development opportunities for individuals. All Committee roles are carried out by unpaid volunteers. We value the time people give to their roles. We continue to see the Branch go from strength to strength to provide a service which is fit for purpose and meets the needs of our members.

CIPD staff allocate people a Branch according to the mailing preference given when joining, but this can be changed at any time. Ring the CIPD membership team on 020 8612 6208. Keep an eye on the Branch quarterly newsletters. Please make sure you are being sent the two weekly Branch e-flyers (usually on Saturdays).

Don't forget to put the dates of the CPD sessions in your diaries once you are made aware of them, as I know you will want to attend. I will look forward in meeting many of you during these sessions.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the committee or have any suggestions for future events please contact us.

Gill Franklin
Chair, CIPD Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Branch

About us

Geographical Groups

  • Bedfordshire Group
  • Milton Keynes Group

Special Interest Groups

  • Learning Matters Group
  • Mentoring Group

Key achievements in 2014/15

  • 22 Continuing Professional Development sessions picking up all professional areas from the HR Professions Map, covering all members from students to HR Directors, working with a range of professional partners, actively involving 29% of the membership, covering the full range of geographical locations (see Group Annual Reports on the Branch website: past events Virtual Annual Meeting)
  • delivering 40 mentoring pairs, using conference calls and webinars to discuss progress and learning, then to close down completed processes. Re-launching the next round of mentoring in year, rapidly growing to 10 pairs (see Mentoring Group Annual Report on the website)
  • running a Virtual Annual Meeting for the second time, to allow the full membership to read the Annual Reports from the Branch and four Groups and potentially all engage with the Branch committee rather than limiting the democratic input to those attending an annual meeting
  • at the Branch CPD session, allowing members to question the CIPD Chief Executive on 'How CIPD can help members champion better work and working lives'
  • maintaining good responses from members to Branch Policy consultations
  • maintaining excellent relationships with academic institutions who deliver CIPD Level 3 Certificate, Intermediate Certificate and Advanced/Post-graduate Diploma courses across the region: University of Bedfordshire, Bedford College, Milton Keynes College. We are grateful for their generous sponsorship of meeting rooms for Group CPD sessions and for Branch committee meetings. We provided Professional Advisers to their CIPD students, welcoming them to the Branch, providing advice and guidance and explaining next steps
  • increasing sponsorship from partners
  • members taking part locally in the national initiatives which will assist young people in planning their careers more effectively
  • good responses from Branch members to the Learning Matters Group survey allowing analysis of preferred timings, venues and subjects (see Group Annual Report on the website)
  • creating the Branch LinkedIn Group to add to the existing Mentoring LinkedIn Group

Key challenges

  • Despite excellent and informative information in the quarterly newsletter and Branch e-flyers, still a disappointingly low opening rate and click through rate on specific topics. As a consequence, potential initiatives we wished to create did not receive any member interest.
  • Still receiving complaints from members who are not receiving the Branch events e-flyer despite believing they had signed up for it. Many still not receiving the weekly national CIPD e-mail despite believing they had signed up for it.
  • Major reduction in employers being prepared to fund the CIPD Advanced Post-graduate Diploma and Masters, so students are now having to self-fund. Many Certificate and Diploma students are also having to self-fund.

Financial out-turn 2014 – 2015

Total income - £19,000
Total expenditure- £19,000
Surplus for the year - £0

This breakeven was achieved through negotiating benefits-in-kind sponsorship totalling £11,000 over the year. These included: speakers not charging fees or expenses, subsidised and fully sponsored room costs, sponsored food, committee members providing technology.

Opportunities for the coming year

  • Continuing use of benefits-in-kind sponsorship
  • Maintaining partnering with other professional organisations
  • Using the mentoring scheme to further develop careers for members
  • Engaging with an even higher percentage of members through identifying their preferred topics for CPD sessions
  • Growing the Branch LinkedIn Group via an easy click-through from the Branch e-flyer. Sharing information, good ideas and practices through the Group

Mentoring Scheme

Why join the mentoring scheme?

'Mentoring is a long term relationship that meets a development need, helps develop full potential, and benefits mentor and mentee alike'.

Benefits to members include:

  • providing impartial advice and encouragement
  • developing a supportive relationship
  • assisting with problem solving
  • improving self-confidence
  • offering professional development.

About the mentoring scheme

We have been running a local branch mentoring scheme for over 7 years, and will continue this scheme alongside the central CIPD mentoring scheme, focussing on local Branch members’ needs.

The scheme will run annually from 2016, with applications being taken from September to December, and matching in January. Adhoc applications throughout the year will be matched where we have mentor availability.

Calling all mentors (new and existing): we are looking to boost our mentor numbers, so if you feel you can give one to two hours per month of your time to develop another member’s career, please get in touch.

Calling all mentees: Looking to advance your career? If this is on your to do list, but you’re not sure how to go about it, could mentoring be right for you? Get in touch to find out more about how valuable a mentor could be in gaining your next role.

Who can be a mentor/mentee?

Mentoring is open to everyone who is interested and willing to be available and commit to the mentoring relationship. A mentor may have a certain level of experience, knowledge, be working at a particular level, or have certain skills and abilities that they would like to use or pass on to others. A mentee recognises they need help, support or guidance in a particular area and want to be proactive about their own development.

Find out more about the scheme by either downloading the PDF documents below which give you an overview of the scheme, tell you more about mentoring, and give you guidelines on ethics, our process and frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can email Bedford@cipd.co.uk for more information or get in touch with members of the scheme committee.

Scheme Committee and contacts

The Scheme is run by Joint Chairs Annabel Graham and Tim Mitchell. We are looking for more volunteers to help us run the scheme, so please do get in touch if you’d like to join us or have any questions about mentoring in general. We can be contacted either by emailing Bedford@cipd.co.uk or directly through our profiles on LinkedIn.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mentoring Pack

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Mentoring Scheme

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Contact us

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