Welcome to the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes branch page. Our membership's growing, and we now have around 2,600 members living or working in the area. We organise some of our events through two geographic groups - Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes - allocating you to the branch closest to your signup address. We also run CPD sessions direct by the branch and through our Learning Matters Group and Mentoring Group. 

We want you to meet and learn from other HR and L&D professionals at all levels of experience. Branches are the physical link between members and the CIPD, and are a popular way to continue your professional development. By joining our branch, you’ll stay abreast of the latest trends and learn how to prepare for - and overcome - the challenges you’ll face in the workplace.

Dr Janice Johnson
Chair, CIPD Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes branch

Five reasons to join our branch

  1. You'll get better at your job: We offer our members a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) and networking sessions covering all areas of the CIPD Profession Map. These sessions promote business networking, personal and professional development, and cover case studies, good-practice theories and skills development in different areas of interest.

  2. We’ll help you get the most out of your CIPD membership: We’ll support you on your journey to upgrade your CIPD membership, should you wish to do so, while other members will inspire you with ideas to upgrade your membership.

  3. We reward academic excellence: We’ve established close links with local education centres and nominate volunteers for our national PACE Awards and local Student Awards. These prizes support you while you’re studying your CIPD qualification and inspire others to put their all into their studies too.

  4. You’ll benefit from a range of activities: Previous activities have included professional development and networking sessions, a virtual AGM, networking sessions with Network Rail during their staff engagement week, and even a workshop with NACRO, the crime reduction charity, to help ex-offenders reenter the workforce.

  5. You’ll increase your knowledge in specialist areas: Our special interest groups - Learning Matters and our Mentoring scheme - provide niche levels of insight, help and learning (more details on these further below).

Whether you’re a member or guest, you’re welcome to attend any of our advertised events. Come along, bring a colleague, and stay tuned to what’s happening in your area through our branch events.

Our events promote your professional development and are a great opportunity for you to network with local HR and L&D professionals. They help equip you with the essential knowledge and tools needed in the HR and L&D professions, covering employment law updates, skills development, continuing professional development, and membership upgrading.

Previous events have covered the following general areas of interest, amongst others:

  • Financial wellbeing for employees 
  • Mindful coaching  
  • The challenge of managing performance 
  • Fair responses to implementing the National Living Wage 
  • Mentoring skills training 
  • Mock employment tribunal 
  • Caring for carers at work

We also host specialist, topical events of niche interest, such as our upcoming event on the exploration of training design and delivery through the lens of neuroscience.

Visit the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Eventbrite page to see a full list of our past and upcoming events.

Keep your learning alive by joining our LinkedIn group, open to all branch members. The group aims to:
  • deliver branch communication 
  • provide opportunities to get involved (including public policy consultation) 
  • build networks and collaborate 
  • encourage engagement with the branch 
  • facilitate knowledge sharing, dialogue and networking between members.
You can also sign up to our quarterly branch newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Special interest groups

We have two special interest groups: Learning Matters Group and our local branch Mentoring Group. Whereas Learning Matters builds practical knowledge and community networking around specialist L&D topics, our Mentoring Group is geared towards career development and the sharing of knowledge between people different levels of experience.
This special interest group helps proficient L&D practitioners stay future-focused so they can provide their organisations with fresh thinking and L&D solutions that work. If you’re still learning L&D practice there’s no need to worry - we’ll hold practical sessions for you to hone and develop your skills.

The group also helps young people establish their careers through an event that aims to improve the use and implementation of apprenticeships in light of generational differences in management styles.

Visit our Eventbrite page for information on our upcoming Learning Matters Group  events.

We’ve been running a branch mentoring group for over seven years, tailored to local members’ needs. The group’s open to anyone - as long as you’re willing and able to commit to the mentoring relationship either as a mentor or a mentee.

Mentoring is a long-term relationship that meets a development need, helps develop full potential, and benefits mentor and mentee alike. The benefits of our local branch mentoring include:

  • Impartial advice and encouragement 
  • Development of a supportive relationship 
  • Assistance with problem solving 
  • Improvement of self-confidence 
  • Professional development

A mentor may have a certain level of experience or knowledge, be working at a particular level, or have skills and abilities they’d like to pass on to others. A mentee, on the other hand, recognises they need support or guidance in a particular area, and want to be proactive about their own development.

Although we’ve already matched applicants for this year’s Mentoring Group, we’ll still be taking ad hoc applications throughout the year, matching mentees to mentors depending on mentor availability.

We’re always looking to boost our mentor numbers, so if you feel you can give one to two hours of your time a month to develop a mentee's career, or if you want to find out how a mentor can help you secure your next role and advance your career, email us on bedford@cipdbranch.co.uk.

We’ll continue to run this local group alongside the central CIPD mentoring scheme, a popular member-to-member mentoring programme.

Download the PDFs below to find out more about the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes branch Mentoring Group.
We actively encourage new volunteers to work with us on any aspect of CIPD life. Participating on the committee’s not only fun - it offers you a great career development opportunity too.

Our committee members work as employees, interims or consultants for both private and public sector organisations and charities. They’re always happy to impart their knowledge and passion to branch members. And if you’re a CIPD Student member your voice will be heard, as we make sure our committees have student representatives too.

We’re always looking for more volunteers to help us run the group. If you’d like to get involved, get in touch with Annabel Graham and Tim Mitchell (Joint Chairs of the Scheme Committee) through their LinkedIn profiles or email bedford@cipdbranch.co.uk.

If you’d like to learn more about the work of the committee or have any suggestions for future events, feel free to contact us.

Rungway mentoring app

We’ve partnered with Rungway to offer Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes branch members an exclusive trial of the Rungway app.

Rungway lets you ask questions and receive one-to-one advice from other CIPD members and anyone who’s part of the Rungway community.

All Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes branch members, whether taking part in the mentoring scheme, branch events or not, can download the app free of charge from Google Play or the App Store.

Once you’ve set up your profile, email customersupport@rungway.com and ask to join the CIPD group.