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Thank you for visiting our branch page; we're a knowledgeable and influential local community of people professionals. Our branch CPD sessions welcome CIPD members and their guests where we're keen to share principles led ideas towards our purpose of championing better work and working lives. We hope this will contribute to improved skills and knowledge, defined by the CIPD Profession Map.

Ours is an active branch with around 30% of our 2,600 members regularly meeting face-to-face at our CPD and networking sessions. Plus we run a branch mentoring scheme for those in CIPD membership.

Particularly useful for members with busy working lives that reduce their ability to join our events, we send out a branch mailing every two weeks plus a longer quarterly branch newsletter for a deeper dive into our activities. Electronically, we share information from members about good practice, branch learning sessions we’ve run, ideas exchange and the latest on volunteering news and activities.

Dr Janice Johnson, Chartered CCIPD
Branch Chair

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We want you to gain maximum benefit from your CIPD membership and share ideas with other people professionals. Being outcomes driven, we know we are not fulfilling our roles unless we spread good practice and test new ideas. Our 40+ branch volunteers talk with members about their skills and knowledge gaps when planning branches activities, so we can help. We deliver over 30 high quality CPD sessions annually to create, share and embed learning.

Branch committee members bring the ideas together from our four groups: Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, learning matters and mentoring to input into our branch planning, making best use of the funding made to us from your subscriptions and often with additional funding from local sponsors.

Branch committee members run two branch level sessions annually where we invite CIPD staff to present the latest thinking and evidence-based research impacting the world of work. Our branch committee run Heads of HR Forum workshops, which facilitate forward thinking discussions on strategic imperatives for organisations. The forum membership is made up of people professionals from public and private sector and charities, ensuring wider learning with meaningful debates. These workshops are hosted by a large employer from our branch area.

Student members

The Student Engagement Lead and Professional Advisers work closely with Bedford College, Milton Keynes College and with the University of Bedfordshire and welcome new student members to our branch, encourage them to attend our events, to join the mentoring scheme and contribute ideas.

At the university, our professional advisers attend course committee meetings and have contributed to course validations and accreditations. They have put together a programme of support for CIPD students including a used text book marketplace, student awards’ ceremonies with guest speakers, and follow up discussions around next steps for post graduates which include how CIPD membership can benefit their careers.


We encourage volunteering by CIPD members and celebrate their contributions.

  • 24 Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes CIPD committee members and CIPD members have taken on the role of Enterprise Advisers, to work closely with the Economic Development units of their local councils, with the National Careers and Enterprise Company and with SEMLEP.

  • 25 of our committee members have voluntary roles with local charities, town and Borough Councils, schools, colleges, sports organisations, women’s groups, ethnically diverse leadership enabling organisations, the Local Enterprise Partnership and business groups.

  • In Bedfordshire a group of our members and committee members have forged links with the Chamber of Commerce and together have been supporting SMEs with people management and employment since the end of 2018. The Chamber, along with a business enterprise group, subsequently initiated a formal pilot scheme assisting six companies to move from start-up to development. The pilot is continuing.

Branch governance

The CIPD runs two Council meetings a year which are attended by either our chair or vice chair. These events, and other informal interactions with CIPD head office, facilitate dialogue and feedback. We update our members with news and key learnings from these events in our branch e-newsletter.

Our branch annual meeting each summer is held virtually, to ensure that every member in can participate, view the annual reports from our groups and vote if eligible. The annual meeting is when we clarify who will be on the branch committee for the coming year.

Get involved

We can strengthen our HR community by sharing interesting experiences and opportunities to learn, and welcome contributions from our members to our e-newsletter. Do you have an idea, HR solution or a success story to share? Please do send us your ideas to bedford@cipdbranch.co.uk, so we can help support each other and grow together. Our HR community is only meaningful if we are partners together.

We're keen to hear from you so let us know what is important to you. If you have a suggestion or development need which would make a good CPD session, please let the branch chair or a committee member know so we can consider it at our next committee meeting. The branch is looking for more volunteers to help with the delivery of CPD sessions in support of the CIPD strategy. If you are interested in joining one of the geographical groups, special interest groups or the branch committee, please email us.

Regional groups

Online communities

Milton Keynes

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Mentoring scheme

Applications for each year’s cohort of the mentoring scheme go live in the autumn when we run four intake webinars for new mentors and mentees. Any level CIPD member who is looking to be mentored, or who is willing to share their time and expertise as a mentor, is always welcome to contact us to learn how to apply.

There is a deadline for applications each November. A speed matching, invitation only event, is held in central Milton Keynes early each December to pair up mentors and mentees. Please hold the date if you have submitted an application.

The mentoring scheme is being delivered by 22 mentors who are able to support about 30-35 mentees. 10-12 pairings are ongoing.

A huge thank you needs to be given to all our mentors for their wonderful support to the scheme and attendance at the mentor CPD/supervision events. Your engagement and commitment to volunteer your time is very much appreciated the committee and your mentees. This scheme wouldn’t run without volunteer mentors who have created a friendly and supportive community.

For more information, and to apply for the scheme, please email us.

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Heads of HR Forum

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You can keep in touch with us by following us on LinkedIn and signing up to our newsletter.

Over 540 branch members have joined our LinkedIn group where they are sharing interesting knowledge, suggestions and insights. Annabel Graham manages the group, with Amanda Brickell posting items of interest. We would like to encourage all our Branch CIPD members to join in and make the discussions fruitful, meaningful and lively.

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