It's great to have you all onboard and we hope that through this area you can discover more about your local CIPD branch in Coventry and Warwickshire.

The branch holds regular meetings throughout the year for its 2100 members. To find out more about the events we've got coming up in the next few months please visit the Branch Events page.

You can get the most out of your membership by being actively involved with the branch at a number of levels. Likewise, everything you see on our page is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteer members.

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The branch offers a programme of events aimed at promoting members' education, development and networking. These include employment law updates and seminars, skills development, reward, H&S, learning and development and networking as well as workshops for those wishing to revisit their CPD or upgrade their membership.

Members can book all events online using the 'Events' link below.

Join our branch committee

These services could not be organised and maintained without the support of local members who have volunteered to serve on the branch committee. Offers of support are always welcome - as well as being fun, participation on the committee offers the chance for individuals to network, develop their skills and confidence. That way we all benefit!

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Committee or have any suggestions for future events please contact us.

Members of the SIG are generally self-employed or lone human resources or training consultants who run or work in a small business. It has been identified by the CIPD that this unique group within the membership requires skills for improving marketing and networking as well as for helping them to win business.

The branch provides SIG members with networking opportunities to share ideas and to meet others in similar work circumstances and development events specifically aimed at the learning and development needs identified for SIG members.

Join us at one of our get-togethers; asSIGnations take place in the bar area of the Stratford Manor Hotel on the Warwick Road on the first Monday of every month (or second if it clashes with a bank holiday) 10:00-11:30. No need to commit in advance, just go along to meet other SIG members in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


Coventry and Warwickshire CIPD run one of the most successful SIGs in the country in terms of numbers attending events and continuity of the group. The SIG group aims to organise another learning event each year, specifically targeted to meet the development needs of SIG members.

Additionally, asSIGnations runs monthly to support members new to self employment or looking for networking opportunities within the group.

It has been identified by the CIPD nationally that this unique group within the membership requires skills for improving marketing and networking as well as for helping them to win business. 

The Coventry and Warwickshire Branch provides SIG members with:

  • networking opportunities to share ideas and to meet others in similar work circumstances
  • development events specifically aimed at the learning and development needs identified for SIG members.

Comments people have made about asSIGnations

“It was the first meeting I had been able to attend...within a few minutes I was made to feel welcome. I enjoyed the company very much...I believe this is especially relevant to those of us who often work on our own. I met some interesting people with similar backgrounds. It was useful to hear their stories about work, experiences, the market place etc. I spent several hours, which went very quickly, talking to others about all sorts of different issues. I came away with several very important learning points!”

"When I moved to Warwickshire two and a half years ago, I was keen to find out what was going on locally and to establish some professional links in the training and development field. As a recently converted Chartered Member, I also felt it was a good idea to explore how I could possibly get more involved in the CIPD. I have found that the monthly asSIGnations meetings provide a very valuable - and enjoyable - opportunity to catch-up with some other people in similar situations, with often broad-ranging conversations over a good coffee; I am not aware of anything that would serve quite the same purpose for HR or development personnel locally."

Past SIG events

2002 Marketing for success; Business Development
2003 Energising your training; Winning that contract
2004 Winning more contracts; Innovations in Learning
2005 Inspiration in your hands –cue cards; Marketing for the self employed
2006 Marketing for the self employed
2007 Finding your way as an independent; Tools for developing individuals and organisations
2008 Keeping it legal - a trainers guide; Expanding your Training Toolkit
2009 Master your inner critic - Melanie Green
2010 Building Blocks for a better business
2011 Annual Development Day; Brain Friendly Learning - method in the seeming madness
2012 Master the science of creating memorable learning
2013 Focus You 'Sharpening the saw'
2014 'Ronseal – does what it says on the tin'
2016 Developing Your Business Development 
2017 Marketing to, and working with HR Leaders
2018 Authenticity and Pricing for Self Employed Consultants


In 1999 the CIPD commissioned the University of Durham to carry out a national survey of CIPD small business members. The CIPD had recognised that the needs of its small business members were changing and wanted to address this issue.

The report, completed in 2000, identified the development of networking and marketing skills as prime needs and recommended in particular that branches should consider setting up special interest groups for small business members and that events aimed specially for this group should be included in the programme of branch events. In June 2001 a workshop was organised at Woodside in Kenilworth inviting small business member “independents” to explore how a SIG group might be organised for the Coventry and Warwickshire branch.

The first venture was a networking event in October 2001. The SIG group was able to draw up a list of development requirements and has gradually been addressing these through the two SIG events on the Branch programme every year.

Dates for your 2019 diary

At the Stratford Manor Hotel:

01 April
13 May
03 June
01 July
05 August
02 September
07 October
04 November
02 December
Friday 13 December - Development Day
07 January 2020

To ensure that you receive an e-mail reminder before these asSIGnations dates and also receive details of other SIG events, please send us your contact details providing your membership number and indicating whether you are self-employed or employed.

Please contact the group leaders Liz Rogers-Mills and Sarah Tomson  if you have any comments or may like to be involved in organising SIG events. We are looking for people in different areas of Coventry and Warwickshire to set up regular asSIGnations meetings as well as people to host the monthly one at Stratford Manor.

The HR Leaders' Group Forum provides key skill development and networking opportunities for the CIPD Fellow and Companion Members in the Coventry and Warwickshire branch.

The group has 40+ active members with diverse HR and training roles in organisations around Warwickshire. For further information contact us or find us on LinkedIn by searching Coventry and Warwickshire CIPD - Senior Practitioners Group and request to join.

The branch runs a local mentoring scheme for CIPD members and is looking for new mentors and mentees to take part.

Whether you would like to increase your skills by mentoring a HR student or professional, or whether you wish to benefit from the skills and expertise of being mentored by peer or senior HR professional, we can provide the forum, support and guidance for this to happen. For more information please see our overview document or fill in an application form.

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CIPD Midlands and the Midlands Area Partnership

CIPD Midlands aims to promote the CIPD purpose throughout the Midlands region by sharing best practice, improving links between the individual branches and providing networking opportunities for all our members. We are also a part of the Midlands Area Partnership (MAP), a regional group of ten branches in the Midlands area which combine to cover 20,000 CIPD members.

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