Welcome to the Cumbria branch web page.

With just over 550 members we cover all of Cumbria, from Barrow in the South to the Scottish border in the North and from Maryport in the West to Appleby in the East (plus all points in between!) We also encourage members from out of county to attend our events and share good practice.

Our ‘vision’ is to engage fully with CIPD members and local businesses in Cumbria, supporting your professional development needs, sharing knowledge and good practice, encouraging continuous learning and development and facilitating networking opportunities across the County.

As part of our new strategy we would like to hear from you on what you expect from the branch. This survey will be run on an annual basis. Follow the link below and complete the survey. This survey will be live until 31 December 2017, the information will be analysed and used to formulate the strategy for 2018/2019’s event programme.

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Melanie Kinsella  

Chair, CIPD Cumbria Branch

Although we are the smallest of the 50 UK Branches with just over 500 members we have big hopes and aspirations for our branch.

We welcome all members - practitioners and consultants - covering all levels of the management and development of people, from HR Directors to students just starting their careers in people management.

Branch activities are designed to enhance members' credibility and strengthen the link between HR and the business. As well as the events there is a regular newsletter and this website to keep members up to date with what's going on in Cumbria Branch.

The Cumbria branch of CIPD is your:

Communication hub

  • to provide local opportunities for professional networking through events throughout the year
  • to provide the focus for two-way exchange of information between CIPD HQ and local members on policies and governance of the Institute through the branch committee and newsletter, website and events throughout the year.

Development support centre

  • for students, through their CIPD programmes
  • for applicants to membership
  • for upgrading to higher levels of membership
  • for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • providing learning and development opportunities through events and discussion groups, at introductory level, on new issues, for updates and advance debate
  • facilitating the development of special interest groups by business sector or subject
  • raising the profile of CIPD locally as a valued source of information for HRD professionals and organisations.

Our Mission

We aim to be a best practice resource supporting the professional needs of branch members and promoting understanding of CIPD through sharing knowledge, encouraging continuous development and facilitating networking.

Our Principles for Operating

  • We share good practice information openly and when it is needed, having consideration for confidentiality
  • We align our activities with the national mission and standards
  • We act in the best interests of our members in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct

Our Objectives

  • To deliver quality events linked to the HR Profession Map
  • To maintain effective communication
  • To raise the profile of CIPD and the HR profession in Cumbria
  • To manage the branch to ensure it long term effectiveness

If you wish to get involved with the committee please email cumbria@cipdbranch.co.uk expressing your interest.

We currently meet face to face and via Skype/Teleconference, this is being reviewed in 2018/2019 to monthly face to face meetings. Expectations are 80% attendance of committee members to meetings over a year.

The current dates of our meetings are: 

  • Saturday 13 January 2018 (venue TBA)
  • Wednesday 28 February 2018 (Skype)
  • Saturday 10 March 2018 (venue TBA)
  • Saturday 14 April 2018 (venue TBA)

Contact us

Contact the team with your enquiries about local events or feedback on the future shape of branches

Email us

Northern Area Partnership

We are also a part of a longstanding voluntary partnership of the ten northern England branches covering between them an area from the Scottish border down to Cheshire in the West and South Yorkshire in the East and providing services to around 24,000 members.

Northern Area Partnership