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A very warm welcome to our branch page and thank you for your interest in being part of the small but vibrant community of people professionals we are creating locally.

We're an active branch with approximately 200 members. Whether you’re an existing or potential member or a business leader, we believe you can benefit by being actively involved in our branch activities. This may be through attending local events, subscribing to our newsletter, participating in our online discussions, or partnering and supporting our activities.

If you're a CIPD member, you can even join our branch committee if you would like to have a direct involvement in running the branch.

Bruce McDougall, Chartered FCIPD
Branch Chair

Learn about our branch

The primary purpose of our Guernsey branch is to act as a channel for member and potential member engagement at a local level, in accordance with the CIPD’s strategic priorities, and to support the unique needs of the Bailiwick and the wider Channel Islands.

We Champion Better Work and Working Lives by organising events in conjunction with locally based businesses. Highlights include working with local employment lawyers to provide insightful updates on changes to local legislation, and similarly with locally based pension providers for pension updates. We share regular bulletins via email that give our members up-to-date information, links and food for thought.

Our branch has launched a Guernsey mentoring scheme, see below for further information and how to get involved.

Get involved

We're always looking for volunteers to join the branch committee to work with us to take the branch forward, to raise our profile locally and help deliver a diverse range of events for our members.

If you're interested in finding out more, either contact one of our committee members directly or via our social media channels or join one of our events and drop a note in the chat. Currently all our activities are online.

We're planning a rolling calendar of activities over the next year and would look forward to making them a success together.

Give us feedback

We welcome your ideas on how our Guernsey branch can help support and develop the local HR and business community. Feel free to get in touch with us in any of the ways described above.

Mentoring scheme

We launched the first CIPD member-to-member career mentoring scheme for Guernsey in October 2020. The scheme is open to all Guernsey based CIPD members who are willing and able to commit to the mentoring relationship, either as a mentor or as mentee. If you are not based in Guernsey and are interested in a similar mentoring scheme, a full list of CIPD branches offering mentoring can be found here.

Mentoring helps facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise, skills, insights and experiences through open dialogue and collaborative learning. The remit of the mentoring relationship is exclusively career and personal development.

A mentor may have gained a certain level of experience or knowledge in HR and its specialist fields that they would like to pass onto others. A mentee may be new to HR or someone seeking a mentor to help them with their career development.

We are currently accepting applications for both mentors and mentees and will match members depending on mentor availability.

If you feel you can give one to two hours of your time each month to develop a mentee's career, or if you want to find out how a mentor can help you develop and advance your career, email us at guernsey@cipdbranch.co.uk.

Download the forms below to find out more about the mentoring scheme in Guernsey.

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You can keep in touch with us by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and signing up to our newsletter.

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