Our Branches provide a range of activities and support for our members across a geographic area. The way we do this is to empower a committee to use the resources and content of the CIPD to align our strategy with local activities. 

Our committees are made up of volunteers who kindly give their time to engage with our members. It is a big commitment and does require committee members to actively manage and promote activities outside their other work and home life commitments. A successful committee needs a range of members who bring their skills and enthusiasm to work together and support one another. We are now actively seeking volunteers to support our Lincolnshire Branch. We have committee member roles and the Chair role available. If you are a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow and can give time to help shape and form a committee contact us to find out more, please email CIPD's Branch Development team.

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Contact the team with your enquiries about local events or feedback on the future shape of branches

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Midlands Area Partnership

We are also a part of the Midlands Area Partnership (MAP), a regional group of eight branches in the Midlands area which combine to cover 15,000 CIPD members. The group aims to promote the CIPD purpose throughout the Midlands region by sharing best practice, improving links between the individual branches and providing networking opportunities for all our members.

Midlands Area Partnership