The CIPD volunteer network in London caters for over 22,000 CIPD members, which represents one fifth of the CIPD’s overall membership. This makes CIPD London a truly significant geographical area, in terms both of membership density and the wider social and political responsibility we have to help support the CIPD’s strategy to champion better work and working lives.

Over the coming months we have a vibrant schedule of activity on offer, so, whether you are a CIPD student or a Chartered Fellow, there will be something of interest to you in your local area.

Officially launched at City Hall in September 2013, CIPD London has the specific aim of becoming the official voice for people management and development in the Capital. The region is made up of seven branches who have been working collaboratively to help develop a compelling and influential presence in London, whilst also delivering high quality support and networking opportunities at local level. Over the summer of 2014 the London chairs group have been busy planning and producing the very first CIPD London business plan which sets out the aspirations of our collaborative efforts and our commitment to:

  1. play our part in tackling the youth employment and skills agenda
  2. strengthen our focus on CIPD Centers and Students
  3. provide relevant and topical events across the region to meet the CPD needs of HR professionals.
Our location means that we are at the heart of a proud, growing community of practitioners, members, partners and thought leaders and through our combined and collaborative efforts we’ll take big steps towards championing better work and working lives.

What's happening in London

December 2016

March 2017

Mar 6 - CIPD London 
CIPD London Meet-up-Monday networking evening

Mar 7 - South West London
Gender Diversity Within Organizations: Spotlight on Change

Mar 8 - North London
Upgrading surgery (follow up to 26/01)

Mar 14 - Central London
Are We Entering A World Without Work? 

Mar 15 - West London
Consultancy Group

Mar 23 - North London
Moving On Up

Mar 28 - Central London, North London & West London
Profession for the Future: Global Megatrends and the Future of Work

Mar 29 - North London
Independent Consultants Group - Commrades supper

Mar 30 - South London
LSBU Lecture

Mentoring scheme

Find out more about the scheme

Mentoring is an arrangement in which an experienced individual (mentor) offers ongoing support and guidance to a less experienced individual (mentee) to help the mentee manage his or her own learning and career development.

Gordon F Shea in his book Mentoring - A Guide to Basics defines mentoring as:

“…a process whereby mentor and mentoree work together to discover and develop the mentoree’s latent abilities, to provide the mentoree with knowledge and skills as opportunities and needs arise, and for the mentor to serve as an effective tutor, counsellor, friend and foil who enables the mentoree to sharpen skills and hone her or his thinking.”

This is a volunteer-led scheme. We aim to link like-minded HR & L&D professionals with the distinct purpose of enabling the mentee to:

  • develop themselves
  • better meet work challenges
  • develop strengths and competencies
  • learn from example and mistakes
  • gain knowledge and more experience

The mentor will also benefit from our scheme by:

  • gaining satisfaction from nurturing and enabling an individual to develop
  • helping to unleash untapped potential
  • being instrumental in career transition and/or transformation
  • developing own CPD

We run speed networking events to bring together potential mentors and mentees approximately twice a year. These are published on our events pages. We request that you sign up to these events by completing the booking form via the event website. You will be contacted to find out if you are seeking to be a mentor or mentee. The events are facilitated by Michael Moran. Following the event Monika Michalikova contacts the mentees to determine their mentor preferences. She will facilitate the introductions.

Matching outside these events happens by using our Mentee/Mentor Profile Forms. Some sections from Mentor Profile form are pasted into the Mentor Master Spreadsheet for Mentees to view and chose who they would like to be matched with - Mentees then need to contact Monika Michalikova to be matched. If you wish to take part in our Mentoring Scheme either as Mentor or Mentee (or both), please e-mail us your completed Mentor Profile Form (if joining as Mentor) and/or completed Mentee Profile Form (if joining as Mentee).

To find out more about our CIPD London Mentoring Scheme read through our information documents or your can contact our Regional Branch Co-ordinator, Monika Michalikova.

Other mentoring opportunities offered by the CIPD

This is not the only mentoring programme that the CIPD supports. We also support the Steps Ahead Initiative. This is a very different initiative, supported by CIPD employees, whilst the above mentoring programme is managed by volunteers.

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