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Welcome to our active CIPD branch here in Mid and North Wales – we’re proud to lead the branch representing people professionals across the branch area.

In North Wales, we have a huge geographical spread from the island of Anglesey to the Dee estuary and the peaks of Snowdonia.

Mid Wales is an area of diverse and historic landscape with a network of people that contribute to the diversity and economy via its rural market towns, historic universities, close-knit villages and seaside towns.

It encompasses a large proportion of the Brecon Beacons National Park in the south, the Berwyn uplands in the north with the Cambrian Mountains dominating its centre.

The area is steeped in Welsh language and culture with Ceredigion being one of the highest Welsh language-speaking areas in Wales.

The region is sparsely populated, with an economy dependent on farming and small businesses. The density of the unitary authority areas of Ceredigion and Powys combined is only 30 inhabitants per square kilometre (78/sq mile).

Norman’s journey has taken him from Chartered Accountancy, until he saw the light in his 40s, realising he preferred people to accounts, and came late into CIPD. His subsequent career until recent retirement has been one of explaining the financial benefits of HR to disbelieving organisations. This has taken him to over 40 countries in the world and finally, like all good Welshmen, back to Wales.

Heather began her career in retail, moved to manufacturing and then settled into local government for the next decade, where she gained her CIPD qualification. From there she moved into transport where she became a Chartered Fellow before taking up more senior roles in the Higher Education sector until September 2021 when she moved to a challenging new role in the NHS. Heather has also been a lay member of the Cardiff Employment Tribunal since 2002.

Together, we have ambitions to grow branch membership and engage with their peers to provide a rich source of contributions to broader HR discussions that impact on local, regional and national policy. We aim to do this by maximising attendance at its events by offering opportunities to network and meet colleagues that, due to the geographical landscape, may find it difficult to come together as often as they like. The ability to continue to offer virtual events is a huge benefit to our branch as we reach out across our local counties as well as providing a warm welcome to potential members, our local students and colleagues in other CIPD branches.

Heather Hinkin, Chartered FCIPD and Norman Davies, Chartered MCIPD
Co-Branch Chairs

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Our Mid and North Wales Branch covers 1,000 members in an area measuring 90 miles by 60 miles so we operate through a number of centres and make great use of IT, and have done since before the pandemic. Our main centres in the North are in Bangor, Llandudno and Wrexham, and across the mountain in mid-Wales they are in Aberystwyth, Llandrindod Wells and Newtown, to ensure our programmes meet members' needs.

We have many strengths as a branch with a wide membership including those in public, third and consultancy sectors. We will be making as much use as we can of mixed media events highlighting key issues such as practical HR solutions to post COVID problems, resilience and mental wellbeing, gender diversity, upgrading and making the most of your CIPD membership, and of course keeping us all updated on the latest in employment law.

We are an integral part of the Welsh CIPD network, contributing to, and sharing, countrywide ideas with relevance to Wales.

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We always enjoy seeing new members at our meetings and events and also welcome those with extensive knowledge of the HR sector right through to new career starters and students. All our events are advertised through Eventbrite and CIPD newsletters.

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