Welcome to the North Staffordshire & South Cheshire Branch area! Serving over 1100 members, our volunteer committee creates local opportunities for CPD and networking with other local members.

As the newly elected Chair of the CIPD North Staffordshire South Cheshire branch I wanted to inform you that my fellow committee members have been busily developing and sourcing an exciting series of events, in order to promote member and potential member engagement in the geographical area assigned to the branch. 

I am delighted to announce that we have recently elected some key appointments to the branch committee to complement our existing structure. You will have an opportunity to meet the members of the committee at forthcoming events but in the meantime please do channel any queries through our social media sites.

Our key committee roles are as follows:

Branch Chair - Virginia Perkins
Branch Vice-Chair - Diane Hall
Branch Treasurer - Mary Scarratt
Branch Secretary - Sarah Lindop
Branch Administrator - Clare Thomas
Branch Events - Frank Holden
Branch Communications - Sue Paulukiewicz
Branch Membership Advisor - Debbie Hinbest

In the meantime please do get in touch if you have any queries or ideas for events you would be keen for the committee to consider delivering. Thank you.

Virginia Perkins 
Branch Chair

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North Staffordshire/South Cheshire Branch profile

Numerically, ours is a relatively small branch (1,263) members but it spans a considerable geographic area. Although we are one of 48 branches, our membership accounts for only just over 1% of the total for the Institute (124,251).

Based on postcodes, our branch stretches from Crewe & Nantwich in the west almost across to Burton-on-Trent in the east and Stafford in the south up to Middlewhich in the north. Some members from outside our normal geographic area choose to belong to our branch, just as others within our area choose to belong to neighbouring branches. This is often to do with the fact that the home/work locations bridge the boundaries.

Branch overall strategic objective

To develop a branch, which communicates effectively with its members and other appropriate local professional bodies, is well managed and which actively seeks to promote the highest standards of educational, developmental and networking opportunities, in line with the Institute's professional standing.

Branch and Membership Information

CIPD branches across the United Kingdom and Ireland are run by locally elected honorary officers who work on an unpaid voluntary basis. The prime role of local Branches is to provide local networking and Continuing Professional Development opportunities for members. Each CIPD member is allocated to a branch on joining.

The Branches produce and manage their own area. These areas, together with the Branch newsletters, keep you posted about local diary dates of interest as well as general branch news and discussion of people management and development issues.

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