Welcome to the North Yorkshire Branch

North Yorkshire covers 3,102 square miles, stretching from Scarborough on the North Sea coast to Bentham in the west, and from the edge of Teesside in the north to the edge of the West Yorkshire conurbation in the south. It is England’s largest and arguably most beautiful county.

The North Yorkshire Branch has around 1,800 members and is run by a very dedicated group of volunteers who work on the Branch Committee. Our primary aim is to help all our members to develop their knowledge, skills and potential wherever they are in their career and wherever they are situated geographically in our large and widespread county.

Our Branch Committee is currently in the process of reviewing our strategy in line with CIPD strategy and the expressed needs of our members. You will see some changes over the coming 12 months as a result of our discussions and we encourage you to send us your ideas on what you think we can do for you, especially if you don’t currently engage with us. We genuinely want to know what you want from your Branch.

We will continue to bring regular daytime seminars out to where you live, as far as that is possible, in various locations across North Yorkshire. That won’t change. We will continue to organise longer, quarterly evening events alternating between venues in York and Harrogate with higher profile speakers. And places at our events will remain free to our CIPD members, with a small charge for non-members who we encourage to join us from other communities and professional groups across North Yorkshire. We will also organise regular webinars for our members and continue to support our LinkedIn and Facebook communities and our Twitter followers. I look forward to meeting you at an event or on a webinar soon.

Tony Platton 
Chair, CIPD North Yorkshire Branch

This is a lively and energetic branch, run by a group of volunteers. There are plenty of things going on, ranging from early morning law updates, social events and larger events such as the Yorkshire HR Conference.

Joining us, whether by coming along to events or taking on a role on the committee, will expand your network of fellow professionals as you will make all sorts of contacts both within and without the UK.

Our committee is dedicated and hardworking and committed to making the branch a success and very much member-driven.

Our core values are our commitment to creativity, personal growth (for ourselves and for our members), a strategic approach to running events, based on the HR profession map, support and friendship and the need to be broadminded and inclusive.

Whatever your career stage, from Student to Fellow, you can benefit from the membership of the branch and of the CIPD.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

The group was set up to cater for the interests of self employed HR/Training specialists working in and around the North Yorkshire area.

We meet in Harrogate every six weeks and the meetings act as an opportunity to network and a chance to support the members' continued development. Regular attendees have said that they have also found inspiration from bouncing ideas off fellow members or listening to others' presentations.

We are a lively and innovative group and have covered a variety of interesting topics over the last twelve months including several on change related issues, recruitment trends, employment law developments, plus support for new start ups - we have launched a new mentoring scheme. See the note on Top Tips for new starters. In a new development we have also got our own discussion network group on LinkedIn.

There is a great deal of expertise among the members who are anxious to share their experiences so if you have not already done so, why not come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself. Whether you are self employed or thinking of becoming self employed there is something for everyone.

If you would like further information about the Group and the Mentoring Scheme please contact Alan Reynolds.

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