Welcome to CIPD Scotland

The CIPD team in Scotland works closely with our network of members, volunteers and stakeholders to develop the profession and build our policy relevance and reach. Our mission is to establish the voice of CIPD in Scotland. 

With more than 11,000 CIPD members across Scotland, we sit at the heart of a proud, growing community of practitioners, members, partners, policymakers and thought leaders in the world of work. Through our collaborative efforts we’ll take big steps towards championing better work and working lives. 

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What we do

Scotland faces significant workplace and labour market challenges. None of these challenges will be met unless the HR and people and development profession is at the centre of driving the required changes to help shift skills and transform the workplace.  Our focus is to: 

Identify the big issues around people and development which need to be addressed, and enthuse and engage members and policy makers in how we can tackle them.

Put CIPD’s vision of ‘championing better work and working lives’ at the heart of the HR, business and policy conversation.

Whatever the political and constitutional issues it will be the workplace and the labour market in which solutions will be found, including:

Analysing, understanding and addressing the big challenges regarding the future of work in Scotland; such as technology, automation and innovation. 

Working with government and other organisations to improve the workplace by building wellbeing, engagement and resilience in the Scottish workforce through good HR practice in everything from diversity to reward, and learning so that we can adapt to whatever future we face.
Building Scotland’s workforce by focusing on skills and training through a lifelong learning approach. 

Building our profession for the future in Scotland, and focusing on the skills and capabilities which HR and learning professionals can uniquely contribute will help us to embed the changes we need to see and equip Scotland for the future.
The CIPD team in Scotland is ideally placed to support organisations through their people management challenges and to build HR capability within organisations of all sizes; combining CIPD expertise and insights with your own to co-create your HR capability strategy and a team fit for the future. 
Whether it’s working with HR practitioners, leaders or operational/line managers, our employer solutions focus on the fundamentals of strong people management and how it contributes significantly to organisational success. 
We are proud to work with employers across the public, private and third sector to build and support their development strategy for HR and L&D professionals across Scotland. 
Over the coming months, we have a vibrant schedule of activity on offer, so whether you are a CIPD student or a Chartered Fellow, there will be something of interest to you. Details of all events across Scotland over the coming months can be found in our CIPD Scotland calendar of events, including large scale, high impact conferences as well as inspiring local networks: 
  • CIPD Scotland Annual Conference, EICC, 1 March 2018
  • CIPD Scotland Future Talent and Student Conference, University of Strathclyde Technology & Innovation Centres, 17 February 2018
  • Leaders in Learning Network
  • Knowledge into Practice Network
  • Scottish Policy Forum
  • HR Leader Networks

What's happening in Scotland?

South East of Scotland branch

Thursday 19 April, Edinburgh

Mock Tribunal

Tuesday 24 April, Galashiels

Performance Management (Borders Group)

Wednesday 25 April, Edinburgh

Neuroscience and the Digital World

Thursday 26 April, Galashiels

How to set up an in-house Mentoring scheme in your workplace

Mid Scotland Branch

Wednesday 25 April

2 Day Organisational Development Masterclass

North Scotland and Islands Branch

Monday 23 April

Recruitment Bias/New Methods (on-line webinar)

West of Scotland Branch

Friday 20 April

CIPD West of Scotland Strategic Session

North of Scotland and Islands Branch

Thursday 24 May

Annual Meeting (H&I) & Employment Law

Mid Scotland Branch

Thursday 10 May

Mock Employment Disciplinary

South East of Scotland Branch

Thursday 3 May

Membership Advice Clinic

Thursday 17 May

Annual Meeting and Cheese and Wine Tasting

West of Scotland Branch

Wednesday 16 May

Developing your Digital Learning Strategy

Scotland Annual Conference - 9 May 2018 | Edinburgh

Adapting to the Future World of Work

Join us on the 9th May 2018 for the CIPD Scotland Annual Conference & Exhibition 2018 Adapting to the Future World of Work Recent UK-wide socio-economic shifts have affected the world of work in Scotland, creating a time of change and uncertainty for organisations and employees. In addition, demographics and technology trends are changing work and working lives, and the pace of change is a challenge for every organisation. 

As a profession, we need to understand the changing landscape and explore the big themes around the future of work and their impact on Scotland. As we prepare for a period of disruption and change, how can the HR and people profession help shape a future of work that is human? With 3 inspiring keynote addresses and objectives-driven, practitioner-led case studies, the conference tackles how HR can help shift organisational strategy and culture to stay ahead – creating better workplaces for the future.

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