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Welcome and thank you for visiting our branch page and for your interest in being part of the vibrant community of people professionals we are creating locally. We're an active branch with approximately 2,500 members and a core purpose of supporting CIPD members in our region.

Each year we provide a varied programme of events and workshops to educate, encourage, support and motivate our members. We actively seek feedback from our members to ensure we continue to offer relevant topics whilst ensuring we also cover all aspects of the CIPD Profession Map.

Our branch events are available to view and book directly from Eventbrite. We publicise these through our social media and branch mailings, so please do connect with us and keep in touch.

Katharine Graham, Chartered FCIPD and Wendy Tubi, Assoc CIPD
Branch Co-chairs

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The primary purpose of our branch is to act as a channel for member and potential member engagement at a local level, in accordance with the CIPD’s strategic priorities and in support of its purpose. We Champion Better Work and Working Lives by creating a space to learn, to connect and to share local experiences.

Our branch achieves this by encouraging local networks for practitioners, building capability, gaining new members, running events, providing visibility and input into public policy agendas and working collaboratively with other branches.

We have around 2,500 members in South East Scotland branch. Our events are also open to potential members. We allocate a small number of places for non-members at all events and provide information on many benefits of CIPD membership.

Engaging with learning centres and universities

In South East Scotland, with the city of Edinburgh at its heart, we have both a local and global centre of education and the branch is proud to support the professional development of both current and aspirational HR professionals there. Both Edinburgh and Napier Universities offer CIPD accredited programmes as does Edinburgh College, and beyond the city, West Lothian and Borders Colleges. Read on to hear how we provide support to student members studying at these centres.

Student engagement

You’ll find a place of learning in South East Scotland whatever level of CIPD study is right for you. We introduce the local branch and the broader CIPD support available to students during our induction visits and are delighted to work with some students who join our branch during their studies to support branch events and activities as 'student ambassadors'. We are always delighted to inform them and to hear about the added value our local students find in attending the annual CIPD Scottish Student Conference.

Our student ambassadors support the branch in a variety of different ways – from events to small projects and we very much appreciate the work they do for us. It’s important to us and of course to them, that they get something back from volunteering with us. Their feedback tells us that they benefit from extending their network with HR professionals and have developed skills in facilitation and project management. Our Academic Lead has been working hard to support them with to achieve this.

Branch highlights

In the South East of Scotland we have extensive support for our local CIPD branch from volunteer HR peers who connect members interested in particular areas of HR. These include our HR events group, offering support across the Profession Map, our learning and development group and our talent and resourcing group. We’ve recently reintroduced a local HR leaders’ group and a new wellbeing group.

The branch can provide local members with information to explain the membership upgrading process and support people professionals who are looking to develop their career through our mentoring programme. And much more!

Our sponsors provide us with in-kind pro bono support to reach out to our members; from event space to expertise, we are very fortunate to have long-standing relationships with local professionals who are delighted to support the development of local people professionals.

Get involved

CIPD South East Scotland is run by a volunteer committee of enthusiastic local HR professionals and people who support our profession. In addition, each year we work with academic institutions to encourage CIPD students to join the committee as student ambassadors, ensuring we support the future of our profession. Our branch is supported by a team from the CIPD head office and together we ensure we align to both local and national activities. Committee members are directly involved with the planning and running of branch events, giving them great opportunities to collaborate with others, develop new skills and keep updated with CIPD good practice and current guidance.

We believe you can benefit most from your membership by being actively involved with the branch activities. This may be through attending events or virtual events, contributing to our newsletters, participating in our on-line discussions or social media forums, partnering and supporting our activities or feeding into some of our steering and special interest groups on key HR and people topics. Our events welcome CIPD members, and non-member people professionals and business leaders.

If you’re a member and you would like to have a direct involvement in running the branch, please let us know as we are always keen to have new committee members. Whatever level of involvement you can offer, we have no doubt you will find it both valuable and enjoyable. If you would like to find out more about the committee and any current vacancies, please get in touch by either attending an event or emailing us.

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Online communities

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Mentoring scheme

The branch runs a local mentoring scheme for CIPD members and is looking for new mentors and mentees to take part. A mentoring relationship is an effective personal and professional development tool, which allows the mentee to benefit from the guidance and experience of the mentor. As part of our purpose to create a place for local HR professionals to connect and share experiences, Mid Scotland branch and South East Scotland branch have collaborated to create a light touch volunteer mentoring programme whose focus is specifically on career development.

In our peer to peer programme, we connect HR professionals where there is an opportunity for one to support the other to manage their career and improve their skills where the mentee is at a stage where they seek to change or grow. As a result, the relationship may be relatively short – possibly just a few months – but it’s entirely possible that agree to connect again when the next career development point is reached. We encourage the use of multiple channels of communication to make best use of time. Our mentees range from student members to fairly senior people professionals, so our mentors need only be a short step ahead of them to have useful professional experience to share.

‘Although on the face of it having a mentor to support and challenge your development is obvious, I have never been a mentor and not had a valuable learning experience myself.’ (SES branch mentor feedback). 

An effective mentoring relationship is a development opportunity for both parties. For more information and to join the programme, please contact the branch.

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