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Welcome to the CIPD Swindon and North Wiltshire branch. The purpose of our branch is to promote and support the mission of the CIPD, which is Championing Better Work and Working Lives. We do that by providing our branch members, potential members and students with opportunities to network with other like-minded people professionals, continue with their professional development, and remain up-to-date with evolving people management issues.

Please read my blog about how our branch work continues through challenging times. For those of you who are new to our CIPD branch, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our upcoming events.

Louise Nuttall, Chartered MCIPD
Branch Chair

Learn about our branch

Our branch holds ongoing events and we welcome you to join us. Our events page is updated regularly.

Please also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and join us in discussions. We often post different content on each site to keep information relevant for our members, non-members and students.

We believe you can benefit most from your membership by being actively involved with branch activities. This may be through attending events, contributing to our newsletters, participating in our online discussions, or by joining our branch committee if you have an interest in contributing to running the branch. If you choose to volunteer, we're confident that you will find it both valuable and rewarding.

Get involved

Branch committee members

Our branch committee is made up of people professionals, who are CIPD members. We all volunteer our spare time, skills, talent, and experience in support of the CIPD’s purpose and to provide a local presence.

Our committee members dedicate their time to extend the voice of the CIPD through a portfolio of events, programmes and activities dedicated to engaging and supporting local CIPD people professionals.

Branch ambassadors

With so many events and activities throughout the year, branch ambassadors provide the committee and branch members with valuable support by helping to ensure our events are both welcoming and run smoothly. Ambassadors attend at least two committee meetings per year and participate in branch development days and our business planning process.

Becoming an ambassador is the first step towards joining our committee. You’ll develop new and transferable skills, form useful connections across the people network, and actively contribute to championing good work in the people space, all while raising your professional profile.

If you have an interest in becoming an ambassador, please contact us by email.

Mentoring scheme

Our branch kicked off its Member-to-Member (M2M) Mentoring Programme in 2020. We'll be continuing to grow and develop the programme this year, and are looking for new mentors and mentees to take part.

Initially we have decided to focus on career mentoring for Branch members, for those looking to move into or move ahead in the people profession. We recognise that we will be starting small and growing the programme organically, and in time we may be able to broaden the scope.

If you are a member of the CIPD Swindon and North Wiltshire Branch and would like to join our M2M Mentoring Programme, either to serve and gain experience as mentors, or to benefit as mentees from the experience of others within the people profession, you can do so as follows:

1. Please complete the appropriate application form. Application forms for Mentors and Mentees are on this CIPD webpage: Member-to-member mentoring | CIPD. They are about two thirds of the way down, shown as Mentor Profile Form and Mentee Profile Form

2. Once you have completed your Mentor or Mentee application form, please send it to the email address on the form (careermentoring@cipd.co.uk), copy to swindon@cipdbranch.co.uk. (Please note that this is for the M2M Mentoring Programme, not the Steps Ahead Mentoring Programme).

3. We will then be in touch to arrange an initial session, where we will outline how we expect the M2M Mentoring Programme to work.

Special interest group

If you have an interest in a particular area of the people space, have an idea for a special interest group, or would like to volunteer to be involved with a special interest group, please email us.

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Self-employed network (SEN)

Our branch has a self-employed network (SEN) special interest group available for those in the area working as independent consultants. This group provides networking opportunities and runs targeted events. While the SEN events are designed for, and focused on, those who are self-employed, all CIPD members, non-members and students are welcome to attend.

Our SEN also has a dedicated LinkedIn group.

Upcoming events

Increase your professional development by joining us for events led by experts and thought leaders in our field, as well as being able to engage in discussions related to best practices, policy and employment law changes, and more. We update our events page regularly.

Stay connected

You can keep in touch with us by following us on LinkedIn and our other social channels and signing up to our newsletter.

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