Alexandra Carr, CMgr, Fellow CMI, Head of Branch Community Development

Rebecca Normand, Development Manager CIPD Branches

Aaron Hearne, Community and Operations Manager


Monika Michalikova, Finance and Operations Officer

Julia Dyer, Branch Development Executive (Communications)

Nadia Cove, Operations Coordinator

Nicolle Brown, Learning & Operations Coordinator

To contact the Branch Development team please email:

How the team supports our branches

The CIPD Branch Development team are here to support and inspire our committee members in their branch roles.

The Branch Development team engage with our branch committee members every day, responding to enquiries and providing guidance and resources as well as regular updates on upcoming CIPD campaigns and activities to enable the branches to support our members. We run a programme of induction training each year when new committee members come on board and share a range of guidance materials that explain the scope of each branch role.

All branch volunteers have access to a regularly updated handbook that provides support and guidance for each role. We provide a suite of tools such as Eventbrite and Zoom accounts, and of course, the training to use them, and each branch has a mailing software account that allows them to prepare and send out their own newsletters to local members and subscribers.

The branch chairs, or another representative from each branch, join us once a year for a constitutional event known as Council. This is a key element of CIPD governance which allows our members to act as advisory body to consult and discuss strategic decisions including setting membership fees. Read more about CIPD Governance.

The team also meet with a representative from each branch more informally once a year at our Branch Network and Support days where CIPD staff update them on upcoming campaigns, research and projects ensuring ongoing dialogue and an opportunity to contribute their insights and inputs and maintains the close links between branch committee members and the CIPD head office.

Recognition: Branches Outstanding Contribution awards

We are very proud of all our branch committee members who do a great job as ambassadors for CIPD. To recognise and celebrate a committee member from every branch, the chair can nominate one volunteer per year for an Outstanding Contribution award, which calls out great work and applauds their contribution.

'It meant so much to me to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award and was such a fantastic honour which I was so surprised to receive that, for once, I was speechless! Nearer the end of my career than the beginning, it means such a lot to me to think that I may have helped the profession locally, raised the profile of CIPD and developed and made a small difference to the careers of colleagues over the years.'

John Singleton, Chartered FCIPD
West of Scotland branch committee member Outstanding Contribution winner 2021

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To contact the team please email:

You can follow the Branch Development team on Twitter @cipdbranches where we shine a light on much of the great work going on in our branches.

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