We’ve created a comprehensive and interactive set of webinars for those wanting in-depth knowledge on writing CVs, preparing for interview success and the key skills for effective networking. 

Check out our bite-sized videos on creating winnings CVs and effective networking and interviewing for success.

How many differing opinions have you had about what your CV should look like and what it should include?  In this webinar our career coach shares the secrets of a winning CV with recruiters and employers.

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Winning CVs

Do you, like many, dread the idea of interviewing? This webinar will enable you to share the skills and experiences of our career coach, focusing on how to prepare for success by changing the way you view the process, from the application to the interview itself.

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Interview success

Does the word ‘networking’ bring forth flashes of panic or worry? During this webinar you will be guided through the ins and outs of networking. What is it? What benefits does it bring to your career? How do you network successfully?

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Effective networking

Getting into HR is highly competitive and the process can feel very circular: No experience, we can’t take you, we can’t take you because you have no experience. The webinar looks at how to stop feeling thwarted, and how to take the steps needed to break into the sector by exploring the latest career transitions theories and by providing practical advice on how to do it.

The reasons these days for returning to work are myriad, including maternity and paternity leave, sick leave, sabbaticals, plus redundancy. We’ll look at how being away from the workplace affects us and how to re-enter it confidently and successfully.