We would like to inform you that we have now decommissioned the CIPD Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) effective 4 April 2022.

Please delete any existing bookmarks or saved links.

We made the decision to decommission the VLE in line with the launch of our online learning platform, the CIPD Learning Hub. The learning hub now houses your online course content, as well as a range of useful tools, resources and a community of professionals for you to tap into.

CIPD members automatically gain access to the learning hub as part of their membership, click here to discover what’s available, including free courses!

If you’re not a member, take a look at our new exciting learning experience here. Stay ahead in a changing world with our globally relevant, expert-led courses that can fit around your work and life. With every course, you’ll receive 24 months access to the learning hub so you can shape your learning journey. Explore available courses.

If you have any questions, or need access to data withheld on the VLE, please contact our customer services team on +44 (0)20 8612 6202. Our phone lines are open between 09:00 - 16:00(GMT) Monday to Friday.