We’ll help you define and deliver your HR and L&D strategy

What are your organisation's unique people challenges and opportunities?

Whether it’s to shift your strategic focus, deliver cultural change, develop agility to meet future challenges, or do more with less, our experts will set you on the right track.

We’ll work with you to clearly articulate what your HR and L&D colleagues need to know, and do, to deliver on your priorities.

We’ll help you pinpoint where to invest

We’ll benchmark your team against our internationally recognised standards so you can see your strengths and gaps. And we’ll provide data insights to help you make smart development decisions to build your HR and L&D capability.

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CIPD worked with us to shape how we could use the CIPD’s Profession Map as an organisational resource… to identify standards of professional excellence.

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We can offer:

  • an evaluation of your HR and L&D strategy, methods and impact on the organisation
  • advice on aligning your HR and L&D purpose with your business strategy to ensure it delivers real value
  • an understanding of how the business views your HR and L&D team and their potential
  • our assessment of your HR and L&D strengths and capability gaps, compared to recognised standards, including your leadership team
  • effective personal development plans and career assessments.

You benefit from:

  • experts committed to leading-edge thinking and good practice 
  • data insights to support your strategy 
  • an engaged, effective and confident team 
  • increased focus on your team and business priorities.

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