In December 2017, the Applied Research Conference took place at  the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. This annual conference was set up to showcase and debate academic research in people management, employment and learning and development. As well as looking at theoretical and empirical advances, the conference has a particular focus on the practical application of research to labour markets and organisational life. The conference exists to strengthen the links between academics and practitioners and is thus aimed at both audiences.

The research papers are available to download below. We hope you find them interesting.

Can HR professionals generate human capital data that will influence investment decisions?


Peter Fargus
Chartered FCIPD and Chartered Psychologist

Employers and the real Living Wage – responding to civil regulation


Professor Edmund Heery, Dr Deborah Hann and Dr David Nash
Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

Evaluating the impact of a brief mindfulness intervention to reduce early signs of compulsive internet use for long-hours workers


Dr Cristina Quinones
Open University Business School, Department of People and Organisations

Feedback frequency: the key to good appraisal


Professor Stephen Wood
University of Leicester

Professors Shaun Pichler and Gerard Beenen
California State University, Fullerton 

HR structures and the management of conflict: ghettoising employment relations?


Professor Richard Saundry, Dr Virginia Fisher and Dr Sue Kinsey
University of Plymouth

Silently dancing on the ceiling: women’s workplace experiences peri-, menopausal and postmenopause in the UK


Dr Diane Keeble-Ramsay
Anglia Ruskin University

Kathleen Ridealgh
Independent Consultant 

Smiling, but not with his eyes: authentic employee voice for inclusive organisations


Dr Kevin Ruck
PR Academy

The myth of devolution? The role of HR practitioners in the management of workplace conflict


Dr Virginia Fisher, Dr Sue Kinsey and Professor Richard Saundry
University of Plymouth