The shifting landscape of work and working lives

Applied Research Conference sponsors

The submission process closing date now extended to 14 August 2018.

Papers could cover changes in labour markets, the nature of work, management practices or workplace relationships – for example relating to employee well-being, equality and inclusion, skills, or the use of human capital metrics. They could also include how these areas relate to new technologies, policy – in particular Brexit in the UK – and the economy. We welcome submissions from any academic discipline, including HRM, employee relations, economics, psychology and sociology, as well as law, anthropology and behavioural science.

Submit your research paper 

Please note that all submissions must contain:
  • a presentation title
  • a brief overview of the research paper (maximum 100 words), this will be used in the conference programme, published in advance
  • research focus, rationale and questions (maximum 250 words)
  • research methods (maximum 150 words)
  • research findings (maximum 250 words)
  • practical importance and implications of research (maximum 250 words)

Important guidance points

  • Papers must draw out clear links between the research and its implications for practice. The submissions judging process will reflect this emphasis.
  • The standard speaking slots will be 15 minutes, of which approximately 5 minutes should focus on practical applications. In addition there will be time for Q&A and discussion.
  • By submitting a paper you commit to registering for and attending ARC on 6 December 2018 if your paper is selected for inclusion.
  • Selected submissions will be confirmed mid-September 2018.
  • Presenters selected through the call for papers will need to register separately and pay the conference fee (see below).
  • Further to the conference we have publication opportunities (see below).

What are the opportunities for successful submissions?

If selected, you will be invited to: 
  • present your research at the 2018 conference (required).
  • submit a 2-3,000 word paper of the research to be published on the CIPD website (optional).
  • submit a full-length article (6-8,000 words) for the CIPD’s Professor Ian Beardwell Prize (optional). A selection of these articles will also be invited to be fast-tracked through the blind review process for publication in Human Resource Management Journal (HRMJ) or the Journal of Organizational Performance: People and Performance (JOEPP).
If you'd like to be notified of further announcements on the Applied Research Conference please email our CIPD Research Team and provide your full name. Please mark your email 'ARC 2018'.


What are the judging criteria?

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Relevance: importance of the theme for the contemporary world of work and employment. 

  • Rationale: identifiable research gap and potential knowledge contribution.

  • Methods: how appropriate and robust are the research methods? (For thematic and evidence reviews, please include an indication of the literature domains you draw on and your search and selection strategy, as well as any analytic techniques such as meta-analysis).

  • Persuasiveness: how persuasive are the findings?

  • Implications: how well are the practical implications of the research drawn out?

What will the CIPD be publishing?

All authors of conference papers will be invited to submit papers of 2-3,000 words for publication on the CIPD website. This is separate from any article for the peer-reviewed journals. Articles summarising a selection of papers presented at the conference may also appear in the CIPD publications, Work. and / or People Management.

What is the process to submit to the peer-reviewed journals?

A selection of conference papers will be invited to be considered for publication in HRMJ or JOEPP. Invited submissions will be subject to the usual terms of submissions of the journals, including word length, but will be fast tracked with the aim of being published within 12 months from the conference.

Will submitting a CIPD paper compromise a submission to HRMJ or JOEPP?

We will work with the respective journal editors to ensure that the CIPD paper does not compromise the peer-reviewed article submission (eg removing detail on key data). If necessary we can publish an abstract rather than a fuller CIPD paper.

Can I submit more than one paper?

Yes, each paper will be considered on its individual merit.

When can I register for the conference?

Registration will be open in September 2018.

Do I need to pay to attend the conference as a speaker?

Yes, fees to attend the conference are listed below:

  • Full price: £80 plus VAT (Total £96) 
  • Student rate: £55 plus VAT (Total £66) 

Other questions and comments

Please contact CIPD Research marking your email ‘ARC 2018’.