Date: 2 - 3 October 2018 | Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

[This Conference has now passed. Look back again for information on the 2019 event.]

Unlocking potential with behavioural science

The secret to unleashing your workforce's potential lies in their behaviour. Understanding human needs, what makes people tick and why we behave the way we do is the key to identifying where change needs to happen in order to transform a stress-filled, uninspired, faltering workforce into a happy, motivated and high-performing one. Evidence shows that a bespoke working culture tailored to its humans and their requirements directly results in engagement, productivity and a profitable return on investment. Applying behavioural science theory to your initiatives and practices can set up your organisation for effective meaningful design in all aspects. In essence, knowing your humans makes for a happier, healthier world from the front-line to the CEO.

The CIPD Behavioural Science at Work Conference and Workshop 2018 provided a deeper understanding of how the brain functions at work, what triggers and motivates work behaviours, how different people react to stress and why neurodiversity amongst employees will give you a competitive advantage in your field. This was designed to shape your HR functions with your people in mind to drive productivity and promote a healthy well-being culture. The workshop aimed at equipping you with the skills to transfer your expertise into practical solutions for a balanced, calming and productive working environment.