Date: 16 - 17 October 2019 | Location: The Montcalm, London

[This Conference has now passed. Look back again for information on the 2020 event.]

Building confidence to drive evidence-based decisions

People analytics is a growing discipline that continues to gain considerable traction across the profession. Organisations and business leaders are increasingly realising the immense value analytics contributes through its ability to demystify and articulate aspects of a workforce with an evidence-based approach.

As businesses adapt to change and prepare for the future, they will be even more reliant on their people analytics teams to help deliver objectives and achieve desired outcomes. Despite this, the skills and confidence to conduct people analytics can be low, which means we need to develop ourselves to have sufficient data literacy as well as building capabilities around evidence-based decision making.

The CIPD People Analytics Conference and Workshop 2019 was designed for both aspiring analytics professionals, looking to develop the necessary skills to collect, manage and articulate data, as well as those who want to take their analytical ability to a more advanced level.