At the CIPD we have a passion for learning, it is after all at the heart of our Profession Map. We are delighted to support and promote Learning at Work Week again this year. This years theme is 'we are made for learning' and three things that make us human – curiosity, learning and connection.

Learning is about active engagement, it is what we do when we want to make sense of our world. It may involve the development of skills, knowledge, awareness, values, beliefs and ideas as well having to let go of previous insights to our world. Effective learning involves reflection and supports change. It is a creative activity that goes beyond attending a training course (although of course this can be effective in itself).

This year we have taken five themes and considered curiosity, learning and connecting within each of them. Each theme is a vehicle for learning. We have suggested some detail on how we can be curious, what we could learn and how we can use that learning to connect. We would love to hear your insights by using the hashtags #CIPD  #LAWW2021  #FocusOnMe.

Being avid supporters of learning at work week means we embrace and role model learning ourselves, and four of the team have shared their thoughts on our themes in the form of a mini blog. And in the full pack that is available to download, we have suggested some places to whet your curiosity appitite. We aim to give you space to think about how you can build on tools you may use every day to deepen your curiosity, embrace your learning and make great connections.

Enjoy the exploration!


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