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Officially launched at City Hall on September 2013, CIPD London has the specific aim of being the official voice for people management and development in the capital.

CIPD London caters for over 25,000 members, which represents 16% of the CIPD’s overall membership. The London team will continue to engage and build relationships with wider people professionals’ communities and networks, employers, HR Leaders, Government agencies and academic centres to ensure our work reflects the diversity and needs of the people profession in the capital. This makes CIPD London a truly significant geographical area, in terms both of membership density and the wider social and political responsibility we have to help support the CIPD’s strategy to champion better work and working lives.

The regional strategy is supported by seven branches who have been working collaboratively to help develop a compelling and influential presence in London, whilst also delivering high-quality support and networking opportunities at a local level. Our location means that we are at the heart of a proud, growing community of practitioners, members, partners and thought leaders and through our combined and collaborative efforts we’ll take big steps towards championing better work and working lives.

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Monika Michalikova

Monika Michalikova

Finance and Operations Officer

Email: M.Michalikova@cipd.co.uk

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Conferences and events

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and keeping the health, well-being and safety of our community in mind we have made the difficult decision to suspend all face-to-face events until further notice. However, over the coming months, we have a great variety of online events and networking opportunities.

Events across all London Branches

Responding to the coronavirus

Due to the current coronavirus situation we have been running all otherwise face to face branch events virtually - this arrangement will continue until the end of June 2021. Thank you for your support at this time.


Sponsorship and partnership opportunities

Access our sponsorship, partnerships and exhibition pack and find out how you can get involved to support our events and conferences, and sponsor our networks. Reach out to Monika at CIPDLondon@cipd.co.uk to explore these opportunities.

Get involved

We have over 80 people professionals that are volunteering their time, talent and skills to lead the seven branches across London and support the regional strategy and operational plan. Our committee members are passionate professionals of all grades and different specialism bringing members together and help make our collective voice heard and creating vibrant communities of practitioners.

Special interest groups

You can get involved in any of our networks. Just reach out to Monika Michalikova at Monika.Michalikova@cipd.co.uk to express your interest in joining the special interest group that best aligns with your expertise and interest.

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Mentoring is an arrangement in which an experienced individual (Mentor) offers ongoing support and guidance to a less experienced individual (Mentee) to help manage their learning and career development. 

Join our scheme in order to develop themselves, better meet work challenges, develop strengths and competencies, learn from example and mistakes and gain knowledge and more experience.

Benefit from our scheme by gaining satisfaction from nurturing and enabling an individual to develop, helping to unleash untapped potential, being instrumental in career transition and/or transformation and developing their own CPD.


CIPD London Member to Member Mentoring scheme operates on cohort-basis - there are 3 cohorts per year starting every January, April and October. 

Due to very high demand, applications from Mentees are now being processed for our October 2022 cohort. Applications from Mentors are still being processed for inclusion in our April 2022 cohort.

To join a cohort, please submit your Mentee/Mentor Profile form (Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form is optional) at the earliest opportunity, but no later than 2 weeks prior to the cohort starting (unless the relevant cohort is already full) in order to be able to participate in Induction sessions, which usually take place during the last 2 weeks prior to cohort starting. Our Induction sessions are dedicated to support new Mentors and Mentees joining the programme in order to help them deliver/achieve great results and consist of 3 session - first session is general introduction of the programme and is open to both Mentees and Mentors, the second and third sessions are dedicated to Mentors and Mentees respectively. 

To find out more about our CIPD London Mentoring Scheme, contact us at CareerMentoring@cipd.co.uk.

This is not the only mentoring programme that the CIPD supports. To find out how you can further develop your mentoring skills, please visit our Career Mentoring section.

Resources and insights

Access CIPD research that provides insight into the labour market and working lives of those living in London.

Opportunity through work: a manifesto for London

A policy programme to champion better work and working lives in the capital published in 2015. This is our manifesto for London, an agenda that we hope will shape the future of work, our future workforce and our workplaces, for the benefit of our organisations, our people and our wider economy and society.

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