The COVID-19 pandemic presented a crisis like no other in recent history and some of the most trying times for governments, communities and all of us individually. In the lead-up to the 2021 Scottish election, political parties must present credible ways to address the ongoing challenges while laying out a longer-term vision for a post-pandemic Scotland. 
Fairer workplaces for a fairer Scotland, the CIPD’s Scottish manifesto, aims to support them in this task. 
This manifesto is informed by a combination of survey research, policy roundtables and individual consultations. This includes a programme of engagement with our members who have been supporting organisations and their people in navigating the unprecedented change to working patterns, regulations and support schemes. 
The manifesto seeks to positively influence the Scottish Government’s agenda in four areas of public policy – the future of work, skills for tomorrow, wellbeing after COVID-19, and supporting inclusive workplaces. Among our recommendations in these areas, the top five include: 
  • transforming lifelong learning provision, with enhanced ILAs at its heart 
  • rebalancing public funding towards demand-led vocational routes like apprenticeships 
  • improving management skills support for SMEs in particular 
  • investing in mental health support for employees 
  • enhancing support for those with caring responsibilities.  
We make recommendations in areas where our profession translates policy into practice. After all, good intentions in policy design are not enough to achieve meaningful change in practice. We hope this manifesto will help pave the way for fairer workplaces, as well as a fairer Scotland. 
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  1. Continue embedding fair work across all Scottish government policy

  2. Complete the Fair Work Measuring Framework

  3. Conduct a large-scale fair work campaign

  4. Introduce a Flexible Work Challenge Fund

  5. Support the development of management skills, including through a national People Skills rollout

  6. Rebalance public funding towards demand-led vocational routes like apprenticeships

  7. Introduce new qualification routes for adult learners

  8. Expand the Flexible Workforce Development Fund

  9. Improve the supply of digital skills courses and smaller bite-sized flexible learning opportunities

  10. Introduce adult skills participation targets into the National Performance Framework

  11. Roll out enhanced Individual Learning Accounts

  12. Make the National Transition Training Fund permanent

  13. Scale up Healthy Working Lives and Working Health Services Scotland

  14. Convene a Scottish Thriving at Work Leadership Council

  15. Provide stable funding for workplace health and wellbeing training

  16. Improve mental health services capacity in Scotland

  17. Make it easier to access mental health guidance and support, especially for SMEs

  18. Maintain focus on closing the disability employment gap

  19. Ensure employability services and Career Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) work for older employees

  20. Bridge the gap between parental leave and funded childcare

  21. Reform Carer’s Allowance eligibility rules to support skills development

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