We are pleased to advise that the following Study Centres are ready to take registrations on the new CIPD qualifications, for teaching starting in March 2021. If you are wanting to start study before March 2021, we still have some Study Centres offering the pre-2021 qualifications.

Our study centres

Centre Foundation Associate Advanced Website
Acacia Learning Yes Yes Yes https://acacialearning.co.uk/contact
Ahead HR Yes Yes Yes https://aheadhr.co.uk
AVADO Learning Ltd Yes Yes No https://join.avadolearning.com/cipd-online-hr-and-ld-qualifications
Bahrain Institute Of Banking and Finance Yes Yes Yes https://www.bibf.com/contact-us
Bedford College Group Yes Yes No https://www.bedford.ac.uk/contact-us
Bespoke Professional Development and Training Ltd Yes Yes Yes https://www.bespokehr.com/contact
Bradfield Consulting Ltd Yes Yes Yes https://bradfield.co.uk/contact
Bridgwater & Taunton College Yes Yes No https://www.btc.ac.uk/contact
Busec Nova Ltd Yes Yes Yes https://www.busec.co.uk/contact-us
cHRysos HR Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes https://www.chrysos.org.uk/contact
City of Bristol College Yes Yes No https://www.cityofbristol.ac.uk/contact-us
Cullen Scholefield Yes Yes Yes https://cullenscholefield.com/get-in-touch
DPG plc Yes Yes Yes https://www.dpgplc.co.uk/contact-us
Noosfera Yes Yes No https://noosfera.ro/contact
ICS Learn Yes Yes Yes https://www.icslearn.co.uk/contact-us
Kendal College Yes Yes No https://kendal.ac.uk/contact
MOL Yes Yes Yes https://www.mollearn.com
Oakwood International Ltd Yes Yes Yes https://www.oakwooddubai.ae/contact-us
Total People Ltd Yes Yes No https://www.totalpeople.co.uk/contact
Watson Martin Yes Yes Yes https://www.watsonmartin.com/contact
Westminster Kingsway College Yes Yes No https://www.westking.ac.uk/contact-us