Steps Ahead Mentoring is a national volunteering programme supporting young people, aged 18-24, to be in a better position to find work through one-to-one mentoring support from CIPD members.

Young people are most at risk of unemployment and face an uncertain future due to the pandemic. We need mentors to volunteer their unique insight and knowledge of the world of work to equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to find work, and thrive in employment.

Sessions take place remotely (telephone, email or video calls) and are flexible to the needs of the mentee - support could include advice on interview skills, CVs and accessing opportunities, it all depends on what your mentee needs help with.

Our key focus at present is supporting young people (18-24 years old), who are most impacted by unemployment as a result of coronavirus. However, we're still supporting parents and carers who want to return to work after a career break.

Develop your mentoring and coaching skills, enjoy a new challenge and help young people get on the path to the career they deserve. Sign up to be a Steps Ahead mentor.

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All of my mentees have shown a great deal of improvement from where we started to where we are now. It is a very rewarding experience knowing the difference I have made to their lives. I have also gained and improved on a lot of skills through this programme. I have learnt a lot from my mentees throughout the journey.

Belinda Madzima

Steps Ahead Mentor and Ambassador, Business and HR Consultant, Belma Services

I think I’ve created a bond with my mentee that I will always have. She still contacts me now and again to discuss things. I’m really proud of her and my other mentees. I also feel happy and encouraged that they’re all going to be successful.

Gareth Williams

Steps Ahead Mentor, HR & Business Development Director, Azureus Ltd

The key to successful mentoring is to start with a relaxed discussion with the mentee regarding their overall objectives and then tailoring guidance to meet their needs.

Muhammad Shah

Steps Ahead Mentor, HR Director, EMEA

The Steps Ahead programme offers flexibility to mentees. It’s nice that we can support them. My mentee and I were able to work on the less obvious reasons why they may or may not be struggling with employment.

Maxine Campbell

Steps Ahead Mentor, Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners

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