Finding a first job, a new job or re-entering the labour market after a period of absence can present a real challenge to anyone. Many people looking for work need help with confidence levels or simply don’t know where to start, people professionals better understand this issue more than most. We have key programmes that help our members to support people into work through mentoring, six in ten people who’ve completed our mentoring programme have secured a job.

For our mentors and volunteers, programmes provide you with tools, templates and supporting webinars, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to become a better mentor, coach and people professional.

When I support jobseekers with their CV, applications, etc, then I can really understand what they are going through, the pressure they face. This has really given me a different perspective, a different mindset and lots of learning points. Now I feel I can understand my own candidates more, it’s a real point of reflection for me now, how can I understand their needs and support more?

Steps Ahead Mentor and Ambassador

I learn from them and they learn from me. The one-on-one basis of the sessions makes it relaxed, there's no pressure, we take the time to understand each other and that gives me the best chance to support them.

Steps Ahead Mentor and Ambassador

Put your HR experience to good use by supporting people to take the next step in their career:


Information and advice for organisations on supporting parents back to the workplace after a career break, as well as a dedicated area for parent returners

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