Far too many young people remain unprepared for the world of work. In the current context of the economic crisis we are now facing, this only looks to worsen. To tackle this, we have a number of key initiatives, to help young people understand more about the world of work, from mentoring to careers advice.

The more opportunities that exist for young people to interact with employers the more likely they are to avoid becoming NEET (not in employment, education, and training). Our members are well placed to bring the world of work to life for young people, highlight career opportunities and help them understand what’s expected of them in the workplace. In this way, our volunteers are helping to create the diverse and inclusive workplaces of the future.

Have a look to see what we are doing to better equip the next generation and how to get involved:

Being an Enterprise Adviser has provided fantastic insight into education and young people and has been a fulfilling volunteering role to take on. I’ve been able to develop my understanding of different subject matters, labour market insight, the impact that local business has on younger generations and the need to develop that support. I’ve taken learning back into the workplace; the big piece of learning, the whole point of scheme, is seeing the existing education and employer gap.

Luke Goodwin

Enterprise Adviser

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