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Achieving membership of the CIPD demonstrates to employers, clients and peers that you meet the rigorous requirements and professional standards for good practice in the people profession.

Becoming a member of the CIPD will:

  • Enhance your career prospects and earning potential.

  • Show your commitment to high standards and ethical compliance.

  • Give you access to a growing and vibrant community of people professionals, leading-edge resources and professional development tools.

Which joining option is right for me?

Use our tool to help you find out what's the best way to get into CIPD membership for you and what membership grade you can achieve. Based on your answers, it'll display the most relevant option for you and only takes a couple of clicks to go through.

If you're a current CIPD member, find out how to upgrade your membership.

Getting into membership - your options

We offer two options for becoming a CIPD member:

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