Your mark of professionalism

Associate membership recognises HR and L&D professionals who demonstrate excellence in people practice by supporting the delivery of HR and L&D solutions, or hold a relevant CIPD qualification.

Achieving Associate (Assoc CIPD) status will:

  • Demonstrate you possess up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Speak volumes for your commitment towards good practice, continuing professional development and our Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Ensure you remain relevant and more employable.
Skirgaille Field

It means that I'm meeting the CIPD's rigorous criteria and standards for best practice in HR. Having accreditation shows that I possess specific knowledge and skills that gives me a competitive edge in the HR job market.

Skirgaille Field, Assoc CIPD

HR Adviser, Compello Group Ltd

Dipesh Mistry

The CIPD has completely transformed my career and it's helped to get me to where I am now as an eLearning manager.

Dipesh Mistry

Assoc CIPD, eLearning Manager

Rebecca Watts

For me being recognised as a professional member of the CIPD gives me credibility. It reassures the Exec team and the board that I know what I am doing.

Rebecca Watts, Assoc CIPD

HR and L&D Project Manager for Health Education England

What we're looking for

To achieve Associate membership, you’ll need to successfully complete a CIPD Certificate or Diploma qualification, or have at least two years’ current experience in a role which is hands-on, supporting the delivery of HR or L&D solutions.

If you have at least two years’ current experience, then you’re typically...

  • Managing discrete HR or L&D projects, or supporting larger organisation people programmes.
  • Collating, analysing and interpreting data to build insights into organisation and people issues.
  • Providing advice on HR or L&D practice and policy.
  • Often the first point of contact for line managers and employees.
  • Responsible for your own work, and working collaboratively with a range of people across the organisation.

Timescales: You’ll be focusing on day-to-day activity, as well as planning for longer projects around 6-12 months.

All Associate members need to:

  • Show ongoing commitment to developing your practical and technical expertise in HR and L&D, and how it contributes to organisation performance.
  • Plan your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by reflecting on your own performance, and enhancing your professional skills and knowledge by taking part in development activities. For example, networking at HR or L&D events, online discussions, reading, research, work-based development.
  • Comply with our Code of Professional Conduct.

What sort of job roles are at Associate member level?

Which qualifications lead to Associate membership?

CIPD qualifications in HR and Learning and Development are available at three levels:

  • Level 3 Foundation - equivalent to A-level
  • Level 5 Intermediate - equivalent to foundation degree/HND level
  • Level 7 Advanced - postgraduate level.

At each level you can follow an HR or L&D pathway or a combination of both.

When you successfully complete a Certificate or Diploma, at any level, you’ll become an Associate member, meaning you can use the designatory letters Assoc CIPD after your name. If you complete the Level 7 Advanced Diploma, you can apply to upgrade to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow if you have the relevant experience.

Find a course or learn more about CIPD-accredited professional qualifications.

Associate membership fees

Membership fees for up to 12 months

You will need to renew your membership on the 1 July 2018 and each year after that. Don’t worry, we’ll send you renewal information well before the due date to remind you how much is due. Annual payment will be collected until you advise us otherwise.

Route Joining fee Membership fee Assessment fee Total
Experience Assessment £40 £153 £1,996 £2,189
Qualification n/a £153 n/a £153
Re-join £70 £153 n/a £223

Choose your route into Associate membership

What's in it for you?

The benefits of CIPD membership go beyond the internationally recognised letters after your name.

  • Communities
  • Career
  • Resources
  • Magazine
  • Support
  • Rewards


CIPD online forum

Connect, learn and be inspired

  • Online Community forum - Socialise, discuss and learn from an interested and supportive community of professionals.
  • Take part in local CIPD branch activities.
  • Find inspiration at CIPD conferences and events.


CIPD Career hub

Career support

  • CIPD Profession Map - assess your capability and access recommendations on what you need to know and do at every stage of your career.
  • My CPD Map - an online assessment tool to identify your strengths and areas for development
  • CIPD career hub - an online gateway to information, tools and advice to help build key employability skills and enable you to make the most of career opportunities
  • Plus, enhanced career services including mentoring and workshops.


Online Knowledge hub
Practical and inspiring resources to support your studies and keep you up to date in the fast changing world of work:
  • Research, surveys and policy reports
  • Employment law updates and helplines
  • 100s of online business, HR and L&D journals supplied by EBSCO
  • Time-saving email updates, including In a Nutshell
  • Practical podcasts, topic summaries, factsheets and guides, and more.


People Management magazine and app

The award-winning People Management magazine, app and website

'I love my People Management magazine. It's my lunchtime read where I can read about the case studies and inspiring people who are doing great things. It makes me think "Yes, I am in the right career!"

Rebecca Watts Assoc CIPD

HR and L&D Project Manager for Health Education England


Easy access to support when you need it: online or face-to-face

  • Guidance on standards of professional conduct
  • Whistleblower advice line: Get confidential legal advice if you witness wrongdoing in the workplace
  • Personal legal helpline


Save money through CIPD

  • Free and exclusive access to over 200 perks and benefits with Perkbox, including discounts on shopping, entertainment, meals out and more
  • Receive a 20% discount on all CIPD books and business titles from our Kogan Page bookshop
  • Receive preferential rates on CIPD products and services, conferences, training and events

Career progression

Associate level membership is recognised by employers and something to be proud of. For those wishing to progress further, why not join 53,000 CIPD professional members who have achieved chartered status. 

See what a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow looks like.

Unsure if Associate membership is for you?

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