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CIPD Chartered Membership raised my credibility within the organisation...I knew I had lots of knowledge and skills, but external recognition of that was great.

Charlotte Lewis

Chartered MCIPD, MSc, Occ. Psych, CIvHR - Talent Management, MoD

Charlotte's story

With her wealth of experience working in organisations both within the UK and overseas, Charlotte decided to specialise in L&D in 2002, eventually joining the Civil Service in 2008, and becoming a qualified Occupational Psychologist in 2014.

Though she had considerable experience working in HR, with the big push towards professionalisation of HR within the Civil Service and the Ministry of Defence (MoD), she wanted greater recognition for all the work she'd put in over the years. That's when Charlotte decided to pursue Chartered Member status through the CIPD's Experience Assessment route to professional membership.

'It really boosted my confidence', says Charlotte. 'I knew I had lots of knowledge and skills, but external recognition of that was great ‐ and it raised my visibility and credibility within the organisation.

Charlotte was awarded Chartered Member status in January, having successfully completed Experience Assessment. The accreditation gave her the confidence to apply to join the Civil Service's 'accelerated development scheme', aimed at people identified as having potential to rise through the organisation ‐ to which she was successful.

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