When we launched the new Profession Map in 2018, we made a commitment that it'll underpin membership standards and routes to membership. With the new Profession Map, the link between professional standards and membership is now clearer.

We've reviewed Experience Assessment and from 30 September 2019, it’ll be based on the new Profession Map standards. We reviewed and redesigned Experience Assessment, so that it follows the new Profession Map standards.

The membership standards are a selection of the new Profession Map standards and they are the minimum required to be awarded a level of membership. The membership standards include those which most enable you to be an expert in people, work and change. They also contain those standards which best contribute to the profession’s values of being principles-led, evidence-based and outcome-driven.

We advise that you use these membership standards to prepare for the assessment if you register for Experience Assessment on or after 30 September. Access the membership standards here.

The new Profession Map remains your reference guide to good practice. It contains the full set of standards relevant to each level, and allows you to identify development areas for yourself, teams and others.

If you’ve had a Pre-Assessment Discussion and we’ve provided feedback that you can continue with the next steps of Experience Assessment, our assessors believe that you are working at the level needed to progress. And it doesn’t matter which Profession Map you’re assessed against. So, rest assured you can continue your journey by registering for Experience Assessment at a date to suit you.

If you send us your registration form on or before close of play on Friday 27 September 2019, you will be assessed against the 2013 Profession Map. You can also send your registration form on or before 27 September and state a preferred start date of 30 September, if you’d like to be assessed against the new Profession Map.

If you send us your registration form on or after Monday 30 September 2019, you will be assessed against the new Profession Map and membership standards.

Either way, you will find detailed guidance on how to prepare for your assessment on the Experience Assessment portal, which you’ll be given access to upon registration.

No, there’s no reason to wait. Becoming a member or progressing your membership is a positive move at any time, raising your profile and credibility with professional recognition! It also demonstrates to employers, clients and peers that you meet the rigorous requirements and professional standards for good practice in the people profession.

Experience Assessment will be just as thorough as it is now in assessing you against the membership standards. So, you’ll have the same chance of successfully completing it.

The main difference is the membership standards we’ll use to assess you against. But in many aspects, Experience Assessment will be similar to what it currently is. The updated Experience Assessment:

  • will be just as rigorous as it is now
  • will assess all membership standards as it does now
  • will have some similar online assessment elements.

This means you’ll have the same chance of being successful.

If you send us your registration form on or after 30 September 2019, you’ll complete the new online assessment on the Experience Assessment portal. This will entail:

  • Knowledge and Impact Report: demonstrate your expertise in people, work and change, and the impact your work has.
  • Behaviour Report: demonstrate the behaviours needed to be principles-led, evidence-based and outcomes-driven.
  • Your Professional Development: reflect on your learning, tell us about your strengths and development areas, and ask some stakeholders for their feedback.

Just like now, this will be followed by a Professional Discussion, lasting about 2-3 hours, to discuss your online assessment and discuss your professional development. You will again receive a report with the outcome of your assessment and recommended next steps.

Experience Assessment will now assess:

  • That you have the core knowledge and behaviours from the new Profession Map for the relevant membership level.
  • The impact and value you’ve created in your work.

The fee for Experience Assessment will not change as the assessment remains broadly the same as what it is now.

The below fees have been held since 4 January 2016:

  • Associate    £1,996
  • MCIPD         £2,045
  • FCIPD           £2,375

In addition to the Experience Assessment fee, there are also joining and membership fees.

The new Profession Map will now underpin membership grades. This will:

1. simplify the link between professional standards and membership
2. provide a clearer lens on what great practice looks like
3. make it easier to plot your path to the next level (if this is your goal)

The new Profession Map means that you can:

  • Benchmark your knowledge, behaviours and values against the new industry standard.
  • Stand out as a relevant and credible practitioner.
  • Develop your understanding in emerging areas of the people profession.

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