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As a CIPD member you’ve access to the latest HR and L&D resources, development tools and networking opportunities. CIPD membership keeps you informed, supported and connected throughout your career. Not a CIPD member? Join today.

Raise your profile

Professional membership (Associate member, Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow) is a badge of your credibility.

  • It is a mark of your professionalism and commitment to best practice.
  • It inspires confidence in employers, clients and peers.
  • It enhances your career prospects and earning potential.
  • It allows you to use letters after your name (Assoc CIPD, Chartered MCIPD or Chartered FCIPD). 

Most CIPD members are professional members or are working towards professional membership. You can become a professional member by studying a CIPD qualification and upgrading or by doing Experience Assessment.

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Expand your network

As part of a wider community of 140,000 HR and L&D professionals in the UK, Ireland and internationally, you can take part in these networking opportunities.

Save money

CIPD members can save money on

  • CIPD training and qualifications
  • books and online subscription products, such as HR-inform
  • attending CIPD conferences.

Receive discounts on non-CIPD products and services.

  • Professional indemnity insurance - Weald Insurance and Frank Glennon (Ireland).
  • Third-party products and services including dining out, holidays, gym membership, cinema visits and more through CIPD Exclusive Discounts. 

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Ireland member resources

If you’re a CIPD member based in Ireland, find out more about resources which are exclusive to you.


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Member support

CIPD support, as well as help and advice from fellow members through the Member support page. Find out more about financial assistance with membership or study, advice on employment law and whistleblowing concerns, plus back to work support and CIPD’s Code of Professional Conduct.